Unbiased Information & identities of the El Paso and Dayton shooters

People are asking (and speculating) why all these mass shootings in America. Maybe I can just supply some facts to ponder.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are goodtraitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God…

2 Tim 3:1-4

I don’t really know why I’m writing this except I’m tired and frustrated trying to find news, and instead see the ‘news’ reporting things from a political slant. I first want you to know, looking over the victim’s pictures, little things shared about them, really was upsetting. This is a horrible tragedy and it angers me to see people playing with it.

This isn’t written to blame either Democrats or Republicans, neither of which are at fault as far as the person’s individual actions go. Hatred and the breakdown of morals is rightly blamed. But those spewing out their own hatred, blaming others, and calling names, haven’t seen the beam in their own eye (Matt 7:3-5). Blaming a person, a party, or an inanimate object for these actions is a waste of time. Stop manipulating the public by calling illegal aliens ‘refugees’. Suggesting non-democrats want to ‘deter migration’ is also false (Pr 14:5). We want legal immigration handled the right way. I come from two legal immigrant grandparents, and we have helped refugees (and we should), so please don’t go there. My kids have the last name of Garcia (and I have many children and grandchildren with darker skin). I can’t imagine the pain of losing my kids because someone hated them for being hispanic. Nor can I imagine losing them because someone hated them for being Christian. 

Besides a hardening to the value of human life (think on babies, abortions, the killings of the handicapped and elderly), we have other things to consider. Past traumas in one’s life, violence, broken homes, drugs and alcohol abuse are one of many factors we need to look at in the makeup of these mass murderers. Islamic extremists, White supremacists, Antifa and other extreme groups, racism from either side black/white/Latino, are some of the other common denominators in the mass killings (shootings, stabbings, bombs etc.) I’ve been researching. Not including flat out crime and drug wars here.

It is obvious we definitely have free speech in this country, but is the speech we’re listening to responsible? Is it news? Is it truth? Is it hindering our real freedom? Or is it possibly inciting violence and hatred towards others.

While they usually always come out and say they do not have motives (a common theme in past mass killing situations of all kinds), politicians and news media outlets will instantly come out to assign blame to those they oppose. They call the otherside racists, haters and say they are the cause of the violence. How do they know if they don’t know of motives??? This is just wrong.

But there is something good that you can do in these terribly tragic situations.

Please pray (and thank God) for the policemen in Dayton (and Gilroy) that stopped the Dayton attack so quickly. Pray for the families of those who died or were injured in these murders. Pray for and thank God for those who intervened to pull children to safety. Pray for the hearts of people out there — many who we see are hard and even vile in their hearts. Pray for even those who lie about these things (or suppress, manipulate or elevate them) for political gain or popularity. Even pray for those who blame the actions of these madmen on those they disagree with. Do they consider their manipulation of this whole sad situation? Shouting about others politicizing it, while doing the very same (sleight of hand and plain dishonest). One Sheriff in Ohio and a Mayor has used this as a way to call a congresswoman a ‘hater’ and the end result is actual violence is being incited against her. Two different news outlets, CNN and ABC both called Trump a hater and racist. Twisting what someone has said previously is just dishonest and a power play. Stop listening to the opinions of what people just said, listen to what they themselves just said. Pray they may be ashamed and it will cause their popularity to fall.

Whoever they are, they need to stop this and we need to nicely yet firmly call them out for it.

We should try to look at the facts and realize that although we may not know the complete truth of any one situation, we know the underlying cause. So there are certainly reasons behind the shootings. I believe the Bible is clear, it is hatred of the one true God, and love of self before others.

Stop rushing to blame. Look to this verse for the reason.

And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

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Ohio Gunman

As of yesterday, Dayton Police said they yet had no proof of the Ohio gunman’s motive.1,4

However, the gunman, Connor _____, by his own definition seemed to give plenty of motives:

  • Reported to be Staunch Antifa supporter (8chan – Puppetstringnews, Andy Ngo)
  • Satanist, hashtagging his photos with phrases such as #selfie4satan #HailSatan @SatanTweeting. Also photographed with Black Craft Cult T-shirt with ‘Against all Gods” on the back 1,2,3,4,5,9
  • Leftist, registered democrat 1,2,3,4
  • Pro gun-control (even in light of having a fascination for them) 1,2,5
  • Blamed Republicans for school shootings1,2,5
  • Hated Trump1,2,3
  • Hated Law enforcement 1
  • Wanted socialism and said he wasn’t going to wait for it 1,5
  • Supported Elizabeth Warren for president1,2,3
  • Supported and tweeted voting blue 1,2
  • Re-tweeted that Joe Biden’s generation needed to ‘hurry up and die1,2, 5
  • Hated John McCain, on the day of his death tweeted ‘f–k John McCain 1,2
  • Tweeted to cut the fences, slice ICE tires, etc. 1,2
  • Concerning the march in Charlottesville (where one died), he tweeted to ‘kill every fascist’ 1,2
  • He killed his own sister, her boyfriend and seven other people. 1
  • In high school wrote a ‘hit-list’ of people he wanted to rape, kill & skin, which included his mom and sister, threatened to shoot up his school. Choked a girl at a camp. 1,5, 10, 11
  • Lead singer of a ‘porno-grind’ metal band performing in dresses and hoods over their face (reported by a band member on ‘the datalounge’), advocating rape, murder, necrophilia against women.11, 12
  • Also performed with a band called ‘Putrid liquid’ 11
  • Supports the squad (Ilhan Omar, AOC, Tlaib, Pressley) 8

There is much more, but you get the picture, he is full of hate, a murderer before he even pulled the trigger. Jesus says the one who hates his brother is a murderer. I suppose both of these don’t see this speaking to mankind. Unfortunately, they may have been of their father (John 8:44).

CLICK HERE: Do you know where you would go today if you died suddenly?

As a mom, I wept openly as I read of each person and thought on them, their families, their last thoughts. The heroes in the situation which made me think on my own situation. Those who had children or grandchildren or wives they protected. It moved me, hurt me, and made me angry…

El Paso Texas Gunman

The El Paso Mass killer, a Gunman, Patrick _______ purportedly (not verified yet supposedly), wrote a manifesto which was a rambling and jumbled mess of ideologies.

We do not know if he was a Republican, Democrat or a neither. Yet sick people are already out there vulgarly blaming Trump or another politician they hate.

An earlier archived copy of Mylife had this killer listed as a Democrat. The democrats said the Republicans had changed it. Later it was changed (the public can make changes) to a Republican. Supposedly someone also changed it to add ‘Christian’ to his profile. This is just mass confusion and stems from the place of evil, not good, (whoever is doing this back and forth, I don’t care, just plain wicked).

Clearly not just targeting one nationality, nor ‘far-right’, he is an equal opportunity hater. Contrary to those who blame Trump or Republicans for his hatred of minorities, he states he has believed these things for years (dating far prior to Trump).

I have never heard any of these things said or implied by Trump.

These are some of the things the El Paso shooter said or identified as:

  • Was (most definitely) a Neo-Nazi/racist/white supremacist (Please do not equate this with true Christianity) 6,7
  • Cited Call of Duty* video game in his manifesto** and was obsessed with high scores on it(from Slate.com technology) 7
  • Hated interracial marriage 6, 7
  • Felt we should separate the races into different states (think Jim Crow) 6,7
  • Said he would have killed other Americans because it would give him better exposure, but couldn’t quite bring himself to do that (although he killed all sorts of people and age groups) 7
  • Expressed support for the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter 6,7
  • Denounced increasing Hispanic Population and all immigrants (legal or otherwise) 6,7
  • Said people like him (presumably killers) would decrease the Hispanic voting bloc 6,7
  • His manifesto** blamed both Democrats and Republicans, calling Trump ‘YOUR president’ (according to far left site theguardian). I thought that was an interesting phraseology. 6,13
  • Said America is full of hypocrites who will blame his actions as solely racist and hating other countries 6
  • Blamed the high cost of colleges 7
  • Supports universal income **7
  • If his manifesto is true, he supports government funded healthcare (which would make him more socialistic).7
  • Also said people are hypocrites because they support imperialistic wars 7
  • Blamed Republicans for favoring Corporations 6,7
  • He was an avowed environmentalist, blaming most Americans for not being ‘environmentally friendly’
  • Also blamed Corporations for the environment 6
  • Blamed Farmers and oil workers for water being polluted 6,7
  • Blames loggers/foresters 6,7
  • Repeatedly railed throughout at Corporations for many things, including work visas for skilled workers 6,7
  • Said the problems of low paying and unfulfilling jobs had been contributed to the problem by migrants and their children, but were not the sole cause of it 7 

Regardless of either of these shooters ideologies or ‘reasons’ for their murders, the Bible is clear that the reason has to do with a lack of love for God, for others, and a hatred for what is good. Evil men themselves will not be able to parse this out in their minds, instead they will continue to rail against others.God asks us to pray for our enemies, because the end result for them is eternal death, so in that we can have compassion for them in spite of their spiteful words. 

*Said in his manifesto: “Don’t attack heavily guarded areas to fulfill your super soldier COD fantasy. Attack low security targets.”

**Regarding the Manifesto, 8chan’s owner says the murderer did not upload it.

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Read more (fantasic) statistics and stories about conceal and carry owners stopping Mass shootings. (I had not heard about a majority of these).

Do you know where you would go today if you died suddenly?


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24 Responses to “Unbiased Information & identities of the El Paso and Dayton shooters

  • Thanks for putting it into Biblical perspective and changing where our focus should be. My heart has been heavy about this all day yesterday and this helped. Praying for those families that were affected and thanking God for those who weren’t.

    • I tried to put it in the right perspective. As I watched Beto O’Rourke and his profanities, and others try to use this to fund raise, or to place blame, I was so troubled I had to put together the facts from several different places.

      I see people try to stir up trouble, and when it comes, try to blame the other side. This is just sheer wickedness, and there will always be those demonic types who will be happy to oblige.

  • Stephen Rosberg
    5 years ago

    These mass shootings are unique to America. The question we need to know is why. People might say it’s because America has pushed God out. Maybe maybe not but when you look at secular/godless societies like North Korea Sweden Japan China Switzerland Russia Scotland Finland Denmark Britain etc etc etc you see that may not necessarily be true. Is it a Democrat Republican thing. Certainly not. Is it Trump. No. Is it someone supporting Elizabeth Warren. No no and no. Its a phenomenon unique to America though. It’s the guns stupid. I’m not calling you stupid Holly but anyone who doesn’t understand that. What do all those above countries have in common. Strict gun control!!!!! I’m tired of writing do I’m stopping. Thanks for your blog. Been reading it for over a year now.

    • Stephen, I really appreciate hearing you read and visit here.

      One thing I noticed in researching was that the US reports quite heavily on these things. The politicians of course (along with news media) often use it as a power play. I would agree we have a problem in the US. Reflecting on it, I see more than just stricter gun control. If you google mass shootings outside of the US, interestingly you really won’t find any top articles. But if you choose a less politically motivated search engine like duckduckgo, you’ll find a different story. And this is not to say I really know the reasons (more than the underlying cause of sin, hatred, hardened hearts, etc.). It is strictly to kind of ‘report’ what is what I believe to be facts.

      There were many mass shootings in countries where gun control is very strict, including the UK where even the police don’t carry guns. Canada, Britain, France, New Zealand, Nepal, Australia, England, Azerbaijan, South Korea and Norway topped them all with 77 deaths. In gun deaths, Brazil is the only country that tops us, with India close behind, and Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela about half or less of what we have. But when we look at the rate per million, it’s actually a pretty interesting figure. Here is a chart I saved from 2015. Another thing I noticed (it would take a whole other article), is that one thing that seems quickly forgotten (or suppressed in the news) is the deaths by other methods, i.e., mass stabbings, bomb attacks, etc. One more thing I saw was the underlying common denominator that they didn’t know motives. That was said over and over again in articles and sources. Yet they also were quick to blame it on political opponents or guns. Don’t get me wrong, this article was not for the purpose of writing pro/against gun laws. But to put in perspective the lack of love for God and others being the law these people have foregone.

      Once again, thank you for being here, reading, commenting, I really appreciate it. In Christ, Holly

      Mass Killings

      • As you can see, my thoughts kept expanding. As I searched for info, I found so much, including reports about conceal and carry stopping potential mass killings and this week alone it stopped 4 potential crime events. I don’t know the answers, but I was surprised to find info that the regular news media just doesn’t report. God help us to keep praying, keep sharing how people can come to live with Him eternally, because as we can see, life can end unexpectedly at any time.

        • Stephen Rosberg
          5 years ago

          Thanks so much Holly. You gave me something to think about. Jesus bless you and your wonderful blog.

          • Stephen, you really touched me. I am just a frail human, and can make many mistakes in the way I word things. I don’t usually like to handle subjects outside of the Bible that can be taken as some personal political statement (other than I believe in the Bible and God’s grace). But for some reason when I couldn’t just get information without heavy rhetoric and false witnesses, I just started to try to search (and found) information among the opinions and thought to make it into an outline and yet there was so much more. McVeigh (and fertilizer), 911, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, etc., just flooded my mind over the past few days. So much hatred for God, hatred for our neighbors, we know it is just murder. I don’t think we’ll ever legislate that, but prayerfully we’ll respond in wisdom and in prayer for the lost.

            God bless you and yours, In Christ, Holly

    • Stephen, can I ask you, what is it when it is a knife, a machete, a shovel, or even a vase or a baseball bat? Is it the weapons fault? Does it have a thinking process, does it hate God, does it hate humans? No. It is not about guns or knives, or any those other things. It is about the heart of a person. That is what scripture says.Guns don’t make people bad any more than a knife or a baseball bat. And as for strict gun control in other countries? My sister in law lives in Australia, and they are allowed have guns and use them. They can hunt and own them. She says Australians love their guns. There are just stricter rules there on how they are stored. But the guns are still there. A criminal could still get one and use it — or even make one. Evil find ways. Just a few days ago, a man went on a rampage with a knife in Australia and injured several before apprehended. What about that? Is it the knife or is it the wickedness in the human heart allowed to take full hold? Isn’t it silly to blame inanimate objects used by wicked people?

      • Stephen Rosberg
        5 years ago

        The guy in Australia didn’t kill anyone though. If he had had an assault weapon the people he did attack would be dead right now.

      • Stephen Rosberg
        5 years ago

        Holly cited gun violence in Mexico Brazil and India but even in those countries criminals don’t shoot up Wal-Mart’s or schools killing 3rd and 4th graders. I’ll say it once again. Its something unique to America. Godless nations like Japan China Russia don’t have this problem but we do. Why?

        • Stephen, I think there’s a real struggle in America because we have been one Nation under God. It’s a spiritual struggle, and I don’t know why we seem to have more gun violence (if indeed it’s true), I’d rather not put the focus here on that. I could spend a lot of time bringing forth some of the facts of shootings in other places, stabbings, bombings, murder of babies, etc. But the intent of my article was to just try to impartially show facts that weren’t really being simply reported vs. manipulated into a political schematic. And to place the blame where it belongs, lack of following the true greatest commandments. Loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and others as ourselves.

          In Christ, Holly

  • Holly, I agree with you about your theology but your politics are dangerous. Yes, hatred and mental illness is the main cause of these atrocities, but your minimizing of the intent of the Texas shooter, while comparing him to the Ohio shooter is playing right into the hands of white supremacist. Your defense of Donald Trump is shocking to say the least. Of course Trump is not going to come out and say “I love white supremacy”. But his rhetoric (especially of lately) is clearly racist in nature. I voted for Trump but he has divided this country and I no longer be silent regarding his racist ideology – and neither should you. Your words sound alot like Tucker Carlson who said that “white supremacy is a hoax” last night on Fox News.

    Far-right extremist groups and white supremacists are “responsible for 59% of all extremist-related fatalities in the US in 2017. They were responsible for 20% of these fatalities the year before.” Also, “There is a key difference between the two cases you juxaposed: The El Paso shooter left behind an online post explaining that he was committing his act of terror because of his racist politics. In the Dayton case, police say there’s no indication so far that the shooter’s politics were a factor. That is a crucial distinction.”


    • Brady, I appreciate your opinion but I believe it’s missing the point.

      You said, ‘your politics are dangerous’.

      I really don’t have any politics so right off the bad you’re misjudging me brother. I knew of Trump before most people, although I didn’t meet face to face with him, (through the art business). I also knew of and dealt with art from men like Ron Paul and Ross Perot. What they were then and what they may have ended up like, only God knows. We look on the outward appearance.

      So I will reiterate that this post is about not blaming either side, it seems maybe you blame Trump by staing he is a racist. Only God knows if he truly is, but what people are calling racist, I do not see it the same way as you. And I believe with all my Mexican children and grandchildren I would be a little more sensitive to it than some, possibly more sensitive than you. My husband was Mexican and oddly was as far from being racist himself as it comes. And yes, people of certain races, colors, creeds can be extremely prejudiced. I had to try hard not to slant too far in that direction with the El Paso shooter and present the facts, not my emotions. I believe the El Paso shooter would have happily shot a group of African Americans had he found them as did the Antifa Satanic shooter on the other.

      Sin is the cause of these atrocities whether mental illness comes into it or not. I contrasted sin, hatred and murder in both cases. I’m actually surprised you think I minimized the El Paso shooter. There were many mainstream sources that said the manifesto was possibly not his but I still used the info and noted what they said regarding it. What do you feel I left out? Opinion? Tell me and if it a realizable and verifiable account that another reliable source witnesses to, I will share it. (Please note most of the sources I cited were liberal, but what I chose to do is take facts that were repeated from several sources, several times).

      I didn’t listen to any news commentators, nor did I even cite Fox news on anything. I will follow up and try to find a ‘reliable’ full quote from Carlson as CNN has proven itself over and over to partially quote and slant (similarly to those of a faulty/false doctrine). A friend of mine who is a representative in Ohio has been slammed for a quote she made which was chopped up, and iced over with manipulative words like ‘hate-filled’, ‘racist’ etc., and she is none of those things, and has been in her home, protected by the very sheriff department who has slandered her.

      There was not one iota of an attempt from me to ‘minimize the intent of the Texas shooter’, so your judgment is according to the appearance on this one Brady.

      Again, I am not political, I pray for my president, and I do not malign him or assign blame because he only supports legal immigration. I support legal immigration, as one of the border state that (along with California and Texas) has the most illegal involvement in gun crimes, (along with all the other obvious trouble it brings). But that would get me called racist, even being a Garcia. This is NOT racism. This thinking is NOT white supremacy. The difference between the shooter is that he wanted ALL people of color gone.

      My defense of Donald Trump? I said do not place blame. I do not feel the blame belongs to him regarding the borders or anything else. Many times people do not understand that to say we should not keep playing this blame game in these situations, that somehow I’m defending Trump. Trump has his problems and behaviors, as well as good things to contrast. But right now, speaking to only this, I am sick of seeing blame coming out.

      And it’s only coming out from democrats who are vilely using this for political gain.

      When we have these situations, the response from both sides should be something like this:

      R: “I stand against the evil of white supremacy”
      D: “Me too, I stand with you, we will not tolerate it”.

      R: “We stand against hatred of all types”
      D: “We stand with all others with hatred of all types”

      Instead we hear nothing like a bunch of evil bickering children. You said this, you did that. Oh, suuuuuurrrree you stand against white supremacy, haha. This should not be how we ‘come together’.

      You really think Trump is a white supremacist? Brady, I’m kind of shocked myself now? Because it sounds like you see his stance on illegal immigration as a ‘racist ideology’ (correct me if I’m wrong). Or maybe his unwise comment to the Squad, who openly criticize America and Americans? The country of all of our origins (mine is Scotland, Ireland and Germany) and my late husband was Mexico. I couldn’t contrast my countries to this country, we are blessed to be here. If he is a white supremacist, God will certainly deal with him. If he says something that it (I haven’t heard it) I would certainly condemn it.

      My words couldn’t possibly sound like Tucker because I don’t listen to him and have not (so another false judgment regarding me). I will, but I’m gathering he means the rhetoric of using it against the President.

      I don’t know where you got your numbers on white supremacy, I don’t deny it could be a possibility, but again, that was first in the El Paso Shooter’s list. Looking at every single act of mass killings (including by other methods – stabbings, bombs, planes, etc), I was struck by one thing. Hatred for God and others.

      As far as your quote on Dayton, I took what they said exactly at the time I wrote the article. The shooters >>motives were not apparent, not the shooters politics. I did not make the comment that the shooters politics were not apparent, because where it would go would not be to one of a Republican nature as much as people would like that to fit. I purposely did not in order not to make it about politics. Kind of saddened that you went there with me.

      But this is where as believers we need to refrain from improper judgment of others. We need to judge with a righteous one, with the standard of the Word of God, and not slanted by worldly news. I did my best to put this out there as kind of a fact sheet, and to tell people to ‘cut it out’ (stop placing blame right when it happens).

      But I guess I didn’t succeed…

      My post stands as one not wanting to politicize. Clearly I could have made one line about him being a white supremacist. But I felt his other philosophies (separation of the races), against interracial marriage, his suggestion that others would take him out, etc., again, tell me what I left out that he did.

      As far as the intent here. Pray for everyone. This is a mass manipulation of people’s emotions. Pray.

      In Christ, Holly

    • Brady, as you read my answer, and take a look at my article and give me a specific thing I left out, or didn’t word strongly enough etc, and I will consider it.

      Still kind of reeling from someone thinking the things you did.

      • Holly, I see nothing wrong with this article.

        For many politicians, power and popularity are their “currency.” It is a shame that so many of the politicians and their acolytes see the suffering of innocent victims of mass murder as opportunities for political profit, rather than as tragedies.

      • Stephen Rosberg
        5 years ago

        WOW!!!! This is a hot button issue. Of course it is. People are dying. I think i need to clarify my position on guns. I don’t have a problem with someone owning a handgun. But my goodness please outlaw the sale of automatic rifles or assault weapons that put out a 100 rounds a second. Those kinds of weapons only belong only belong on a battle field. Not in the hands of your average Joe.

        • Stephen, you were perfectly fine. I wasn’t even trying to defend either position, and I’m fine with someone having a position on it. I have my own thoughts. What I didn’t like was the continued divisive language (all while calling someone divisive). Hateful and murderous comments (while saying another is using ‘hate’). It’s ridiculous, we need news, not opinions that stir up the masses to hate each other.

          Love God, and love others… 🙁

          I never want to leave out something or seem like I’m being biased either. So I want accountability, so don’t stop from giving me your point of view 🙂

    • Brady,

      I don’t believe for one second that Trump promotes, supports, or condones white supremacy in any way. I take everything from CNN with a very large grain of salt. You cannot believe everything on the other side either without checking. But you can believe God’s Word. We know that the devil was a murderer from the beginning. Hatred is really murder in the heart. It strips the value of the life of others. It grieves me to think that these two were not brought up to be productive members of society. Wow, just think if someone would have reached them with the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The problem lies not with politicians but really with the church and then society as a whole. If more churches actually did what God wanted them society wouldn’t be in the same situation.

      Jim Floyd

      • Jim, I agree with you. Although people may not agree with Trump’s firm stand on illegal immigration, Biblical marriage, abortion, etc. they cannot tell me he’s ever called for violent acts on people of another party or ideology. However, I have seen those who hate this country and want to make it communistic call for violent acts against Trump or anyone who is not a democrat. The outrage isn’t there when they’re calling for ‘uprisings’ or ‘assassinations’ or ‘wanting to choke out Sarah Sanders’ etc. These are democratic politicians. It’s plain evil. But I do agree, what if someone had reached them with the truth of the good news?… Very sad.

  • Holly, I understood your article and see nothing wrong with it.

    Power and popularity are the currency of many in politics. Those who are looking to “profit” from tragedies such as these shootings aren’t really treating them as tragedies – they are treating them as opportunities.

    Lots of people feel the need to do something in response to events like these shootings, but it is not wise to follow those “leaders” who attempt to use these tragedies to smear a political opponent.

    • Well said John. That’s my point, and like I said, seeing my friend smeared for her comments on the breakdown of families, and devaluing of human life etc, she is now sequestered in her home because of the death threats.

      And these are the people lecturing on ‘hate crimes’? The accuser of the brethren comes to mind.

    • John, not sure where my comment went, but as an admin if you sign in your comments should be immediate.

  • Thanks great article. God is missing from hearts filled with hate using guns to kill instead of protect. God wants us to love our neighbor but he is not against us protecting ourselves against harm of person.I work in mental health and these shooters have satan as their daddy and suffer from axis 2 personality disorders which u can not medicate.this is how u are hard wired.these shooters have hate and can not control it
    America has a somewhat different society than europe.everybody in Switzerland owns guns and they don’t have this problem.

    • Nina, thanks, I agree. I found some interesting facts which seemed kind of suppressed in a Google search. And that was that there were mass shootings in other countries, but they don’t really show up unless you use a different search engine or go way down. Switzerland has a high rate of gun ownership, stricter laws on who can receive them. I don’t know much else about the country besides the obvious things. I also saw that the UK had several mass shootings (along with bombings and stabbings) and of course we know even the police don’t carry guns. And Norway had the largest I believe, almost 80.

      What is different about our society, or is there something different? I’m not quite sure. I know our rate of divorce is high, and a huge majority came from broken or dysfunctional families. Also I think kids are exposed to a lot of things they should not be here. There is a battle for America, a place where we’ve not been persecuted as other countries have. We know of course it’s a spiritual battle, and those who are in the darkness have really loud voices. Praying for more to see the light before it’s too late for them.

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