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Redeeming Moments

Should Christians vote?

Yes, I absolutely believe Christians should vote. And beyond that, I think they must use that vote to best choose...

Should Christians be involved with the Enneagram?

What is an Enneagram? And should Christians be involved with it? Firstly, no idols have any hold over us. Nothing...

HyperGrace lacking Grace

The Errors Of HyperGrace Part 2

In Part 1, the Introduction to the Errors of Hypergrace Teachings, we covered the basics of some of the beliefs...

Introduction to The Errors of Hypergrace

Part 1 (part 2) Upfront, I want to clarify that we at Redeemingmoments.com are grace-based believers and not hypergrace (the...

1 Timothy 4:10

Is this not the Carpenter?

I wrote this honestly not knowing if it was meant for anyone but myself. I was reading and came across...

Hyperdispensationalism, Mid-Acts Dispensationalism

I am of Paul – hyperdispensationalism

This is a longer article on the errors of mid-Acts or Hyperdispensationalism (Those who say they are of Paul, or...

What is Life?

Abraham Lincoln said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your...

Hebrews 11:1

Over 100 Common sayings taken from the Bible

This is a fun blog on Common Sayings we have either taken or adapted from the Bible and made our own.

The Good Shepherd

I usually link all my verses, but had difficulty doing that this time. I have been able to link most...

What do Russia & Ukraine have in common?

Good news to the Ukrainian people. Добрі новини для українського народу

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