Still as popular as ever (Lk 6:26), Ray Comfort calls his company ‘Living Waters’, but is it?


The Accursed Message of The “Way of the Master”

Isn’t that kind of strong?  Harsh?  My judgment is made on Ray’s doctrine and his teaching from his own videos and blogs and home page.   Ray Comfort is perfectly charming and seemingly humble, however, his gospel is still accursed.

I’ve had some people ask about Ray Comfort’s Gospel. Some have shared they have family and friends that are completely sold out to his gospel.  They LOVE the Way of the Master program.  They swear by it.  Some, well, they love to go around calling others ‘false converts’…. (never once asking if they have believed the gospel, which is the ONE condition to be saved).

the_evidence_bibleA friend recently asked me, “So what is it about Ray Comfort’s gospel that is a problem”?

I intend to answer that.    Any sincere comments sans multi-insults, are welcome to be part of this…

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