What can we do to be ‘good Christians’?

This was an email responding to a friend about how to be a ‘good Christian’. He was asking some questions about problems he had with some of the Calvinist debate sites and how harsh they are, and how we could stay close to the Lord in light of all the problems out there. It was very sweet when I said these things back to him, and his response was that he wished he could frame it, and read it over and over until he remembered it. (I feel like I need reminded over and over too — I wondered about being a ‘good Christian’ for some many years and always felt like I failed.) I no longer think on whether or not I am a ‘good Christian’, in fact I know several who think I am not. Now I just try to remember who I am in Christ and try to reflect that somehow, with His help (a lot is needed). The more I get into His Word, it seems the more I recognize that is just not that great in me.

So, the picture below wasn’t really well checked for redundancy or spelling, so please forgive that — it was typed without planning or editing. I did this for his encouragement. Maybe it will encourage you in some way to help you/us abide in the Vine.

How can we stay close to the Lord? Will it always be hard? Do you think only ‘good Christians’ ‘get there’?

I have news, only those who have been promoted have ‘arrived’. But I do know it takes endurance to keep on keeping on 🙂 

dear friend

So, best we can do is keep fighting the good fight of faith. But don’t do it on your own. Ask others to pray for you. Pray and ask the Lord for help, He wants us to pray for our needs. He is faithful when we are not. Trust in Him, acknowledge Him in more of your ways (try to pray for more things), lean on Him, not your own understanding. Delight yourself in Him, Commit your ways to Him and do what you can, knowing He will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust in God’s Word, and not your feelings.

Put your armor on daily <3

Do you know Him?

6 Responses to “What can we do to be ‘good Christians’?

  • Thanks Holly,
    Love it, thanks enjoyed reading it, so true.

    • Mary, thanks <3 . It was just a note I wrote to a friend, who said something like, "I wish I could have it so I could frame it, so I could remember it every day", so I made a note of it 🙂

  • Great encouragement and so very true. I experienced that when fighting for a loved one. Going to church for help and comfort only discouraged me, but listening to God’s Word gave me great hope and encouragement, and today I see the fruit of His work, praise His Holy name. God bless you:)

    • Thank you Eliza, this was response in just a question from a friend on how to be a ‘good’ Christian, and although I kknew what he meant, I felt he needed help from the right source. Yes, praise His Holy name, may the Father be glorified in the things we do for Him. God bless you too Eliza <3

    • Hi Eliza, do you believe in Free Grace or Lordship Salvation? It seems that some of your blog post promotes the false gospel of Lordship Salvation.

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