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Difficult passages in the Bible explained.

Notes From A Retired Preacher

We receive a lot of e-mail and comments with questions about Biblical passages that have been twisted by Lordship “salvationists” to try to prove, or bolster, their false gospels of salvation by works. Following are some actual questions we have received, summaries of multiple questions on the same topic, or answers to false doctrine we have read or heard in other contexts.

Pleas note that this is not a complete list – it is a work in progress, which we plan to add to over time.  There seems to be no limit to the innovation with which Lordship “salvationists” try to prove their false religion of salvation by works.  Misuse of scripture is one of their favorite tools, but they will augment that approach with stories, yarns, and inappropriate analogies.

Do not expect that most ardent Lordship “salvationists” will be swayed by any of this, nor should you be disheartened when…

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