Lordship Salvation: Honoring God by Calling Him a Liar

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  • The text in Romans 3:27-28 is taken out of context.(the rest deleted by admin)

    • Stu – or Evan, whichever you’d like to be called, I’ll repeat my answer to you. You have said I am teaching a false gospel since I believe in eternal life being eternal, however it is you that goes against God’s Word. Since dealing with you over on expreacherman.com, I will finish it here and tell you, since you preach another gospel, I will not give you submission for even an hour. This will be my last response, unless you come up with yet another name.

      I will repeat my comment and pray some day you will see. But I won’t engage further.

      You say ‘cognitive assent’ as if it is a bad thing.

      Here’s a thought, if you call John, Tom, (by the wrong name) have you processed this correctly with your mind? (No sarcasm intended.)

      Don’t we need to believe with our minds? Does not our mind serve the law of God and our flesh, the law of flesh (Rom 7:25)?
      Isn’t it after we believe that Jesus Christ comes to live in our hearts by faith (Eph 3:17; Rom 8:9)?

      You said, “You seem to equate believing the gospel with obedience. I on the other hand, take them as two distinct and separate entities”.
      Romans 10:14-17 is quite clear on obeying = believing the gospel (along with the other passages John supplied). It is only important how His Word equates obedience, not what how we ‘take them’.

      You go to Hebrews 5 to prove your point on obedience, have you really looked to the context of this entire book? I ask again in sincerity.

      Verse 9 (I believe) speaks on the obedience Jesus performed to secure eternal life for us. What one ‘action’ was necessary for Jesus to finalize redemption for all? It must speak to the act of the humbling Himself unto death on the cross for our sins even though He is equal to God. Once for all (Heb 10:10, 14) just as our receiving the gift of eternal life (sonship) is a one time event that happens when we believe. In the contrast given in 8 to 9, from His obedience to suffer and die and rise again (being made perfect), to our obedience which can only be the one “obedience” necessary for eternal life, which is believing on the free gift He has procured (since eternal life is what is in view in these verses).

      The gift of grace is by ONE man.
      By the righteousness of ONE.
      By the obedience of ONE.
      By the reigning in life by ONE,
      The gift of righteousness came by Him alone. (See more in Rom 5).

      The New Covenant is an unconditional promise of eternal life, a contract based on HIS promise, He will do it, not based on our performance (we see in 2 Sam 7, what He will do to those who sin).

      How can it be that our performance is in play regarding salvation, vs. regarding how we SHOULD walk as believers?

      I pray you will ask yourself these questions before you mislead others straight to hell, for if you do not believe God’s Testimony of His Son, like the other article you commented on, you have called Him a liar.

      I know I have eternal life, why? Because He said so, and He is not a liar. (1 John 5:13; John 20:31)

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