Lordship "Salvation" — Willful Naiveté ?

Friends. Loadship has been around since the beginning. They always try to put burdens on top of the people too heavy to bear. No, I did not misspell Loadship.  We do not deny Jesus as our Lord, as the Lordship purveyors will say. But read on…

2 Responses to “Lordship "Salvation" — Willful Naiveté ?

  • Holly, Thanks – pray this message will circle the earth!!

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  • So many of us were unaware what “Lordship” means. We have been taught of course that Jesus is Lord, and if we didn’t do it ‘there way’, then we were ‘denying Jesus as Lord’. We were licentious and unwilling to submit to Him as Lord, and all sorts of similar accusations.

    There are many exhortations for us to submit to God, to resist the enemy, to not conform to this world, to renew our minds, to be sanctified by the truth, etc. I think more believers really need to ask, what is being addressed, what kind of saving or salvation (deliverance)? Is this spoken to people who are already believers? If so, then they need to learn to differentiate between believing and being giving eternal life, and being a believer and learning how to walk worthy. I think more new believers probably need to learn Eph. chapter 1-3 so they can be more knowledgeable of the Spiritual blessings He has blessed us with, and then in leaning on what He has done, and learning about that, they are more able to walk worthy (Eph 4:1).

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