Should Christians vote?

Yes, I absolutely believe Christians should vote. And beyond that, I think they must use that vote to best choose those who may stand for the greater good. Certain values like life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, morality, justice, law and order, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and more. But what I believe is not important, but what the Bible shows us.

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the LORD require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8

I do want to say before I start, we must remember to walk in the Spirit, and not in our flesh, in all things. To be prayerful, refraining from our flesh as we get overwhelmed with the sheer wickedness and depravity of some of our politicians or citizens. I speak to myself.

Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

Christians Who Abstain From Voting

Two things perplex and disappoint/discourage me:

  1. Christians who abstain from voting. Saying things like it’s nothing but choosing the lesser of two evils and they don’t want to choose evil. Or since they are not a part of this world, they are not to participate in it. Or because God is on His Throne, we just stand by.
  2. Christians who vote for this radical left, who actively promote infanticide, castration, violence, perversions of all kinds. A party that goes after children in every way they can. A party that calls evil good and good evil.

I believe having freedom allows for much furtherance of the Gospel (I realize persecution can to). Financially gives us the ability to get them support, send Bibles to them, or even help them translate Bibles into their own language.

My missionary friend, Kees Boer (Bolivia) said this: “I can tell you from experience as a missionary that governments have a huge impact on ministry and on our work here…”

Jesus Never Voted

I saw one arguing that ‘Jesus never cast a vote’. I don’t know how to respond to those kinds of arguments. Jesus never did a lot of things. He never married or had children either. But that doesn’t make it a mandate to not have a family. Jesus also said, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God the things that are His. There is no Biblical conflict to voting, but I believe there can be harm from not. We should be good stewards with the freedom we have been given. The land we live in requires voting, which allows checks and balances, in order to keep things free. One side being in absolute power allows for severe abuse of others.

It’s Prophecy, it’s going to Happen Anyways

We know God’s purpose will stand, yet we all should be careful to maintain good works which is beneficial to all men (Titus 3:8). I believe prayerful and careful voting is a good work towards others.

“The end is coming so why bother, nothing will change.”

How long have Christians been saying this? How do we know we are not a part of that change? We might be like a Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach or Abednego. An Esther, a Samson, a David against a Goliath, a Paul.

Some may say, “‘God is still on the throne’ so what will be, will be.” (Que sera, sera).

God has always been on the throne, and yet God has used His people to thwart evil throughout history. We pray for a reason, but we also speak and act on behalf of others (James 2). We don’t ‘just pray’, but we should also do something substantive to help our brethren by voting for the best possible choice for freedom.

I Can’t Vote for the Unrighteous

One said he “could not vote for the unrighteous.” If you have not heard their gospel, isn’t that a judgment according to appearance? God also used the unrighteous. Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, the Pharaoh with Joseph, etc., and used them for good. Some of these were downright human or wicked. And some even pagan like King Ahasuerus. In spite of that, Esther intervened. She prayed and acted. God used her in a mighty way to save His people.

If you died tonight (or today suddenly), would you be certain of where you are going? You can know for sure, please consider watching this short video by Pastor Tom Cucuzza.

My Kingdom is not of this World

Another used the argument that Jesus’s Kingdom was not of this world, so we should abstain from voting. What? We are not Amish 🙂

The context there in John 18 is a little broader than the man was applying it. His people were rejecting Him (John 1:11; Genesis 37:1-8; Luke 19:14). The Chief Priests, who were supposed to identify the Messiah by fulfilled prophecy, instead sought to kill Him (like the Parable of the Vineyard and the Husbandmen – Mark 12). Jews were to be salt and light to this world, and they had not been. He gave them charge of His oracles and His covenants. The adoption came through the Jews as well as the giving of the law, the serving of God and all His promises (Romans 3:1-2; 9:1-5). Did God use them? Of course. Many were cut off for unbelief, but if they believe, they will be grafted back in.

The point to this passage is Pilate tried to get Jesus to answer whether He was there to set up His Kingdom. He asked Him if He was King of the Jews. Jesus answered that His Kingdom was not of this world. And further answered regarding the purpose for which He came. To suppose that means we do not participate in any law and order, justice, etc. in this world is taking Scripture out of context (or so I believe).

Pilate therefore said to Him, “Are You a king then?”

Jesus answered, “You say rightly that I am a king. For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” John 18:37

Earthly Kings

One argued that God didn’t want earthly Kings, and because the Israelites clamored for it, it just became a worldly system that somehow, we should avoid. He said from then on, the system was wrong. His conscience (for now, I hope he will reconsider) tells him not to vote – but I won’t judge him by mine.

It is sad but true, that Israel desired a human King other than the Righteous One they already had. Really sad. Yet Saul was still God’s anointed. God still used Kings and Judges. And Law and Order matters. And when we can stem the tide by participating by voting against severe wickedness it seems wrong to stand by.

God uses His people. When some will not stand up, others do (like in Judges, when Deborah stood up to be that Warrior Judge. Or Jael who drove a tent spike through the temple of evil Sisera). Asking in kindness, were they just ‘part of the system’?

My friend called the system humanistic — he said, “Politics is a subset of the religion of humanism, it does not honor God, it honors humans.”

Yes, it is a worldly government and humanistic since we sinned. But I lovingly disagree. He tells us fear Him and honor the King — both honor Him.

God can use any system till He comes, and while we should not let it overtake us (or be our main focus), better human government can deliver us and others from certain perils while we are here. Vote for those who support law and order, or those who set Justices and Judges in place to help with orderly and lawful lives. We would stop our child from being raped by a pedophile. But you won’t vote against those that promote it as ‘minor attraction’? That is very sad.

Our Nation Got What it Deserved

One said a nation got what it deserved. I understand and agree, however, that’s where I smiled. No, we haven’t gotten what we deserve. If we did, we’d have been destroyed a long time ago. God is simply displaying His Goodness, His longsuffering, His forbearance with us. He’s also waiting on the fulness of the Gentiles to come in. I don’t think that’s too long. Shake the tree, seems most fruit has stopped falling so quickly.

Isn’t Persecution Good?

One used the argument about the gospel growing in persecution. Absolutely right. Many fled, some spoke out boldly (We’d rather obey God than man). But persecution is of this world, we know we will have it, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak up with our vote. Paul used his citizenship to avoid being killed, scourged and to be able to stand before the Governor and appeal to the King. Because of that citizenship, Felix allowed him relative freedom for two years. It’s kind of how I see our time now.

Yes, God uses persecution, does that mean we are fatalistic, or think it’s only good when we are persecuted?

The ability for believers to freely share the gospel is part of what we are voting for. We know where this world is headed. While we can do something about holding back the evil we should. We can do that by voting for a representative that might help protect a baby, a child, or be a voice for the poor. One who might stand up for the elderly, my neighbor. I believe we should all speak up with our vote.

My vote is part of speaking up against what is gravely wrong with the extreme immorality of the Democrat party. I think an absence of a vote speaks volumes about believers to nonbelievers (just as overly unkind religious people do). Just like I told a friend, if silence in domestic abuse is wrong, how is staying silent by not voting a good thing?

Are all Politicians evil?

One called all of them evil. Both sides no matter? Condemning the righteous comes to mind, be careful friends, don’t do that. Could doing nothing at all to deter the wicked somehow be justifying the wicked? Meaning, we may have been a part of stopping them.

We can clearly see party differences. Democrats whole party line was to defend the right to kill babies at all costs. And falsely accuse the other side of the very thing they are trying to do (destroy democracy).

Should we vote for the one who says he/she will stand for the children in this country who are under constant assault in their schools? The lives of innocent babies? Do we stay quiet while they are stoking a race war? Who will stand for the poor, the elderly in standing in front of this maniacal President, who is shutting down coal & gas. This and his self-induced inflation causes prices to skyrocket beyond their ability to travel or heat their homes. Soon he and his Progressive supporters will outlaw fires for warmth.

What about those who have died due to biological meddling with the corona virus? I believe people like Fauci are responsible for making the cold virus into something more serious. And healthcare workers, military, government personnel, airlines, etc. lost their jobs, because this wicked government set up mandates to force them to take this vaccine. My family were among those affected. Some I know have been gravely affected because they felt forced, desperately needing their job to survive, and feeling they had no other alternative. How can we help? (You can help me by voting against them next time).

Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.
If you say, “Surely we did not know this,” Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it?
He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds? Proverbs 24:11-12

The Bible talks about Wisdom rising her voice outside in the open squares, the chief concourses, the gate of the city (Proverbs 1:20-22; 8:1-3). This is where the judges were. I understand this as making our voice known, such as it is, in an imperfect system (as it has been since Adam sinned).

We know He asks us to pray for our leaders (and all men). He desires for them to come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Tim 2:1-6). Here is a pivotal part of that passage, we pray for the authorities > that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. Do you really think the Lord would find it wrong for us to vote for that end?

Because God sets those who Govern up, does that somehow mean we don’t participate in the choice? (Rom 13). Shouldn’t we vote for the one that actually believes in punishing crime (an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil)?

Should Samson have done what he did by committing an act of suicide basically or only pray? I thought on the Hall of Faith, and it said that Samson, Gideon, Barak, Jephthah, David and Samuel ‘subdued Kingdoms’ through their faith. Does that mean that faith was alone, or did they act as well?

Besides working righteousness, they stopped the mouths of lions, (Daniel) they quenched the violence of fire, (Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego), they turned to flight the armies of the aliens (foreign armies), they became valiant in battle.

Think on Rahab — was it right for her to lie for the greater good? To hide the spies. Why would it not be right to vote for the greater good for this land?

I’m asking you to consider if your inaction might harm others. Or do you believe God has determined all these things and does not use us?

We should behave as citizens and do the things that may make things better for all. By some arguments, if it is all fatalistic, then go ahead and vote. Why not?

Consider this:

The stance of the Republican party typically stands for Israel (to a degree at times, but at least they don’t curse them).

They also stand for life (again some to a degree). But theirs is a party that pushes abortion to even after birth.
The same that fight for infanticide, are the ones that push LGBTQ agenda on our children. They twist pedophilia to be ‘minor attraction’. They try to force CRT and ungodly and perverted books in schools.

They revise history and indoctrinate those in college to think as they do.

The left is a party that pushes the physical mutilation of children. Forcing gender identity on them instead of respecting the gender God made them. Shall we stand by like Lot and ignore it? Or offer up our own children as sacrifices? Lot may have been righteous in God’s sight because of belief, but not very Godly.

The Progressives push unabated open borders with no vetting of who comes across. Illegal crime has affected my family personally more than once. We are facing serious sex-trafficking, rape trees, Drug Cartel, murderers and many terrorists have come across our border (in my State as well). This huge influx has worsened healthcare, sky-rocketing costs, and serious crime. Some social justice Christians try to justify illegal immigration as taking care of the foreigner who comes to our land, (because we are not to oppress them). But they neglect Scriptures regarding those that break our laws – illegal invaders.

Keeping our nation secure is certainly modeled to us in Scripture — it is wisdom. Not one of you would let a criminal into your home to live with you. If you did you would be foolish and not caring for your children, wife, or neighbors. While we should be compassionate and loving, before we let someone in, we have to be wise in making decisions of who comes in, as well as obedient to the law of the land (insofar as it doesn’t cross God).

Our system of laws and justice still are based on God’s order in this chaotic world. The Left has become a party of chaos.

We watched as their leaders literally cheered on violence that turned into murder, destruction and mayhem for an entire year throughout this land. They have created division and suspicion between the community and those in law and order. Divided this nation based on color.

They have weakened our military and forcing decisions that would cause people to die. Decisions that shouldn’t be theirs to make.

They’ve locked the land down, ruined businesses, cost people their livelihoods while the left elite forbade public outings, they dined, vacationed, went to their hair dresser, partied — all without masks (when they thought people weren’t looking). Governor Whitmer allowed shopping at Home Depot but you roped off the vegetable and fruit plants. Why on earth would they stop them from that one item????

When you don’t vote, you could be part of this dictatorship and unlawfulness spreading (I believe).

The left is a party of oppression, lies, intimidation and bullying. Regularly labeling their opponents as White Supremacists, Racists, Cockroaches, Domestic Terrorists, Insurrectionists, Nazis, Fascists, Mega Maga, Ultra Maga, Election deniers, threats to democracy, (or whatever they want to call any who would like to see things get better). Veiled threats abound on that side.

This same party has driven inflation to such a degree that the poor and the elderly on a fixed income are in dire straits. We can care in many ways, voting them out is one way.

The party who has called themselves ‘green’ and ‘hope’ reminds me of a distorted passage from Romans 15 out of the ‘Mess-AGE’ (the awful new-age occult-like distorted translation).

May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!

They have a different kind of hope. And the Green they speak of is about controlling the masses. God has this earth in His hands until the end of the Millennial Kingdom when He destroys it.

These ‘hope and change’ leftists have shown themselves to be dictators, who want to deconstruct this nation and align with the New World Order (Build Back Better).

So, bottom line, ask yourselves, which party is mainly sowing discord? Shedding innocent blood, with feet swift to evil? (The things the Lord hates in Proverbs 6). You say they are both bad? Really? Who is perfect among us? Which of you have arrived?

The Left is introducing evil at a very quick rate. Some on the right as well. I understand prophecy. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t mean we sit our hands, nor does it mean we wring them.

I could say so much more. I want the Lord to come. But I also plan to occupy until He comes. I hope I can be part of making a difference, firstly in prayer. But I will vote for the greater good, in support of my neighbor, children, grandchildren and those we claim to love — for whatever time we have left here. I desire for them to be safe from this evil, as long as I can have a part in standing against it (I also recognize it’s a spiritual battle). Maybe one of you could be like an Esther — for such a time as this.

Love in Christ.

13 Responses to “Should Christians vote?

  • Stephen B Rosberg
    1 year ago

    You said (in so many words) the Democratic party is a party of evil. What about that stunt Ron Desantis pulled with the Mexican immigrants and sent them to Martha’s Vineyard? That wasent evil? He’s was playing those immigrants like they pawns in a game. How bout all of a sudden how all the repubs suddenly are ardently pro life? They weren’t like this 20 or 10 years ago. They are pro life now cuz it’s politically expedient for them to be pro life. You seem to forget that the only president in recent history that has been born again is Jimmy Carter. And he’s a Democrat. Everyone was fooled about the Bush family being Christians and now they are in the same boat yet again by thinking Trump is a walking pillar of godliness. Multiple affairs that he has bragged about, grabbing women by thier p***ys, lover of money power and status etc etc etc. I didn’t vote in these midterms cuz there was no-one worth nothing for. I would love to see a born again candidate who has the spine, the backbone, the courage to come out as a Democrat. I’m not being mean to you Holly bit just making a few observations.

    • I don’t broadbrush the entire population Stephen although I can see how some may see it that way. So I am very happy to answer your questions.

      The stunt you speak of, here is how I see it. We (on the border States) have suffered in a huge way from the deafening silence from the elites. From the Democrat administration. Every single one of those immigrants had the choice to go or stay. So I don’t think it was evil at all. It demonstrated to those who eyes to see, that the ones that say ‘we love immigrants’ sent them out of there, lickety split, and it was only 50 people. And we have had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. I can tell you more about it if you want.

      I do not know if Carter was born again, nor do I know if Trump is. Carter’s rhetoric and his gospel do make me wonder, as does Trump’s ‘Christian’ associations. But I saw Trump’s accomplishments, and I was alive and saw Carter’s mega failure, and how he left us in trouble in many ways. I don’t know what I thought of the Bush’s, again, you have to go with your best choice. I don’t think anyone who supports Trump does it because they think he is a ‘walking pillar of godliness’ lol. I’m sorry, but that did make me laugh. No way anyone I know thinks that.” We do know of the history and think we can get past that. He has proven himself by what he did for many. Would you prefer Biden who grabs and gropes young girls? Who showers with his own teen daughter naked? Who wants to sheer off girl’s breasts and boy’s private parts? We do have to make some decisions. If you didn’t want to vote, that is your conscience, but tearing down the ones that actually had us on a much better path is probably not edifying (until at least 2020).

      It’s seems strange, like a spirit of stupor across the land that has forgotten these people cheering on the violence from city to city for over a year.

      But it’s ok to offer your thoughts, I didn’t feel you were being mean 🙂

      In Christ, Holly

      P.S., the same thing happened from Texas to Philadephia. Philadelphia has taken ‘months to prepare’ for FIFTY illegal immigrants. Why? We have not even one day to prepare for the daily influx of hundreds of thousands across the border. Why is that not evil? Or those who die drowning? Or raped by those illegally bringing them across? Or those sold into sex slavery? Or those used as drug mules? Why do you not see those things?

      That is what troubles me about the one-sidedness of the Democrat party.

  • Tim Brewer
    1 year ago

    I agree, well said sister, God bless.

  • Wade Youngblood
    1 year ago

    Hi Holly, I hope you’re doing well. I thought you might find this interesting. We were driving through Maricopa County yesterday and ending up having to stay the night in the neighboring county, anyways, I have a good friend that lives there and he was telling me that the Democrat controlled sheriff’s department has the whole election precinct locked down with people on the roof, so he called the dept to file a complaint and they just transferred him to the corrupt election dept that is stealing the election. He was frustrated and said “you can’t even trust the police anymore”. I guess we will see if they will ever finish the count. I guess they are dragging it out so they can steal it from Lake. We are certainly praying for her to prevail.

    Take Care,


    • Thanks for sharing Wade. I am not surprised sadly. Katie Hobbs is not fit to be a Secretary of State, and she made it clear she despised anyone who would vote for Trump. They were Neo-Nazi’s. Used to be you knew the police and/or Sheriff’s dept were conservative. But I guess it’s not too surprising. The Lord knows what these people are doing. We know that mainly Republican’s turned out. They tried the argument that a lot of young Democrats came out in the morning, however we know still the majority were Republicans. Yet Kari’s numbers are sliding with the later votes? Nope, don’t believe it.

      Appreciate the prayers. Too bad we weren’t in town, next time you’re going to be in town, let us know 🙂

      love in Christ, and let’s keep praying for each other and our land.

  • Wade Youngblood
    1 year ago

    Oh, I didn’t realize that you live in Arizona. Our friends live in Eloy. We will certainly be praying for you guys. I’m frustrated for you as I watch what’s going on. Sadly, the RINO’s would rather that the Dems win, since Kari Lake and others like her threaten the uni party. A lot of the same fraud went on in Texas(obvious not on the same scale), which is where we live. I was afraid they were going to steal it and then we would end up with Beto. I thank the Lord he kept us from that.
    Of course, the next time we come through here I will certainly let you know. Take care Holly

    • Hi Wade, yes, I was born and raised here in Phoenix, AZ. We were downright shocked when Biden took AZ. Everywhere we went, Democrats I spoke to said they could not vote for Biden (even though they didn’t like Trump). They felt they could not do that. I know so many here, only know one who voted for him. We do feel Katie Hobbs threw that election, I knew many stories here where things were done that were at the least, very dishonest. But of course later we were to find out more, but mainstream media just was complicit in the cover-up, doing the playground bully routine of ridicule and name-calling. But the Lord knows, and I’d love to see the system get cleaned up, and RINO’s and Progressives gone. But we truly know when won’t have a righteous Ruler till He comes. Maranatha!

  • Madeline Lybarger
    1 year ago

    Well said and in total agreement!

    • Thanks Madeline, I do really pray more might see it is important, not just for us. God’s people should act in faith. We don’t pray for a job, and sit in our bedroom. Really praying for this apathy.

  • judy Lemke
    5 months ago

    I realize this post is a year old, but I have to say this. The ELECTION WAS NOT STOLLEN! Kari Lake & Donald J tRump are LIARS. tRump can’t open his mouth without lying. That’s why his attorneys are having the NYC Fraud case tried by judge. They were too afraid of what tRump would say on the witness stand. He did not and does not “obey” the US Constitution. If he is reelected in 2024 the Constitution will be burned up in a White House fireplace. He’s said he want to take more executive privileges and “take-away” government (Legislative & Judicial_. Which is the cornerstone of Democracy. and is the checks and balances the forefathers believed in. The USA wasn’t to have a king or queen, but a leader who obeys the law and doesn’t place himself / herself above all else. What are you telling your listeners about January 6th? It was an Insurrection. He is a fraud and liar and has no business holding any public office, not even “dog catcher”. Although, I’ve never heard of a village or city electing an actual dog catcher!

    Judy Lemke

    • Judy, I appreciate the fact you probably believe what you’re saying. I know that I sat through hours and hours and days upon days of video testimony, written testimony, and there were 1000’s that swore in testimony upon penalty of perjury. Whether or not you like Trump, you should care about the integrity of our elections, and the huge amount of votes Mr. Trump was ahead when suddenly voting was shut down should have at least been a concern to anyone who truly cares again about honest elections. As far as January 6th there were some who were out of line. But the severe punishments that people have received for simply entering the building is political criminal prosecution. These same judges ignored the beatings, bricks and frozen water bottles, molotov cocktails. The same man who urged Ashleigh Babbit to go through the broken window was proven to be Antifa posing as a conservative who stormed the Utah capitol shortly thereafter. We cannot have two systems of punishment, none for the true lawbreakers, and extreme for those they politically disagree with.

      Again, even if you don’t like Trump and you somehow justified voting for a man like Biden, it is crucial to our Republic that voting fraud not be overlooked.

      • I see you also are concerned with justice in the Trump trials. May I suggest you contact your Senators and representatives and call for them to make the trials public (the very thing Trump is asking for). That way he can’t fool anyone, they can hear it for themselves instead of their preferred pundit stations.

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