Introduction to The Errors of Hypergrace

Part 1 

Upfront, I want to clarify that we at are grace-based believers and not hypergrace (the movement). There is confusion as to what hypergrace actually teaches. As always, please check all the Bible references, that is first and foremost always, (which is why I link them to make it easier).

Side Note: May I suggest this article first for those who are not familiar with the errors of hyperdispensationalism or Pauline doctrine? Maybe some hypergracers are involved in hyperdispensationalism, some are not. The strange part is some (like David Benjamin) say Hebrews IS for the church, but then turn around and say, “Paul never said…” He also does not think we are under the New Covenant since it was ‘made with the house of Judah and the house of Israel.’ But a closer examination shows that the New Covenant/Eternal Covenant sprung out of the Abrahamic Covenant which included Gentiles. These are inconsistencies that should make us question some things he says. He may get plenty right, but he certainly makes a distinction with Paul, yet includes some other books.

There are some who may falsely call us hypergrace, or accuse of wanting to live in sin because of our simple gospel. They use shameful terms like ‘cheap grace’ or ‘greasy grace’. We believe God does show us Hyper or Mega Grace. But that’s not the hypergrace group I am talking about.

There are plenty of sites you may not want to follow who may attempt to expose hypergrace. Trouble is, many of the ‘discernment sites’ push false doctrine themselves. Some are coming at it from a lordship or law-keeping point of view, beware, lest you can get caught up in error with them. You end up with a similar situation we see with Calvinists and Arminians — both sides arguing from a base of error. Lordshippers* tend to lump all grace believers, as ‘hypergrace’ (since they aren’t aligned with ‘turning from sin’ or ‘committing your life’, or ‘surrendering all’ to receive the free gift of eternal life).

There are sects within hypergrace teachings as well. Not all teach the same. It has been an enigma to me as I watch all these different viewpoints. But the worst is the striving, hateful speech, and confusion that is not from the Lord (1 Cor 14:33; James 3:16). In turn, I still love and pray for those I believe are caught up in something that probably shouldn’t even be called hypergrace. I do not judge their salvation by any means (contrary to what they have done to me). I am just concerned for them and concerned for the division it causes, as well as making young ones who believe in Him to stumble. We have to separate from them I believe according to Scripture.

The Doctrine of Hypergrace

The doctrine is becoming a little more pervasive than the obvious hypergrace teachers (I may share some names in part 2 and ongoing). Some even say the gospel was lost”. Most of them do seem to have the correct gospel as far as Christ (Who He is) and Him crucified *and resurrected — His work for;NASB1995;NKJV;ESVus).

But I’m afraid people aren’t doing their due diligence to stop and search the Scriptures (Acts 17:11) when these YouTubers and bloggers claim something. Therefore, some are falling into it, or at least parts of it. And I’ve found in questioning them next to Scripture, the person sharing the video has just become defensive and at times, abusive or accusatory.

God’s grace and gift to us is truly indescribable (2 Cor 9:15). But I don’t believe their doctrine is correctly conveying the truth of His grace, nor the whole counsel of His Word. In addition, they are slandering some good Bible-based teachers based on their misunderstanding in His Word.

Why does it matter?

Laying out the problems in their doctrine matters I believe for several reasons. Some have ‘over-corrected’ in making sure they are not law keeping. Believers are asked to abide in Him and continue in His Word. Shouldn’t be hard right? Would they consider that law keeping if we encourage that?

Asking us to admit our sins to God is law keeping according to them (1 John 1:8-9). Most say it was just spoken to the gnostics who denied they sinned, but is that who John said he was writing to? If God has asked us (the church) to ‘do‘ things in the epistles, why would we see it as law keeping?

I can understand their dilemma, between being forgiven of all our sins, then seeing us being forgiven again. We’ll go over that later. (These are all quotes).

They will wrongly say “we view our ‘spiritual practices’ as something other than Him accomplishing things in us.”

Or that “we see ‘our traditions’ as the means to perfect what He is doing in our lives” (again, wrong).

In that, they claim “we are living under a mixture of law and grace.” (I don’t think so).

Or that “we are keeping ourselves by our works until He comes” (Never!).

One Hypergrace teacher says of us, “they say there is justification before God in Heaven and so you’re going to Heaven, but practically, how you live your life is a matter of law-keeping. That’s an accursed gospel spouted by false teachers which includes 99% of the Christian leaders.”

(Comment: I really have not heard anyone in those I fellowship or take teaching from, say or convey that ‘law-keeping’ is how we live our lives. But that through the power of Christ and His grace, we are taught how to deny certain things (Titus 2:11-12).

If any of what they said were true of us, I would agree there was a serious problem. However, I have experienced how they mischaracterize us, and they are not accurate in representing what we teach or believe about practical or experiential sanctification. This is not how we feel about keeping His (Jesus) commandments (they are not grievous – I am addressing 1 John 5:2-3, not the Mosaic law).

I also know both Pastors Tom Cucuzza and Yankee Arnold do not feel this way either. In addition, in the slandering of these men, (those who were doing it), did not lay out witnesses with Scripture (or teachings) showing where Pastor Cucuzza and Pastor Arnold were supposedly promoting law keeping.

A zeal, but not according to knowledge

In their zeal for ‘grace’ or God, I believe they’ve created another wind of doctrine, (along with division in the body sadly). If you do not see it as they do, you are not saved (according to some of them). They may not always use that terminology, (they may just call you godless, child of a demon, or that you do not have the Spirit living in you). The end result is the same.

They amen each other’s abuse and slander of believers and solid teachers, making young ones to stumble. This ought not to be, and no believer should stand by and watch this abuse transpire silently either. In the same vein as those who are law keepers, they are like mini-accusers of the brethren. This verse comes to mind along with 2 Tim 3:1-7.

That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive (Eph 4:14).

What is the Hypergrace ‘Gospel’?

Please keep in mind, I am not addressing the gospels of any brethren who find His Grace is abundant and believe they are saved forever by that same Grace. Nor am I saying they all believe the same. But one issue I find on a lot of Hypergrace pages, is a difficulty with finding a clear gospel or statement of faith. They will state the gospel is found in 1 Cor 15:1-4. But, shouldn’t our gospel be easily found when we are representing Christ? Most in this movement seem to acknowledge that the gospel does not include ‘turning from sin’, (great!), or use any of the other load-based false gospel catch phrases (great again!). However, some are teaching that the gospel of our salvation is a whole lot more than the truth of who Christ is and what He did for us. (I can’t quite agree). There is a lot more good news in His Word that isn’t speaking of eternal life but practical or progressive sanctification. Instruction for living in Christ.

Does this below sound like the simplicity that is in Christ?

“So we must have the right apprehension of the Gospel. The Gospel is not just about forgiveness of sins but includes >everything God has provided for you in Christ.”

I’d like to ask this hypergrace teacher, when do we come to know everything that God has provided for us in Christ? So are we not saved until then? Is it a process of time? (basically what they accuse us of).  Since the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, maybe we should strive to be very careful not to corrupt minds from the simplicity that is in Christ, by making things complicated by our wisdom of words (2 Cor 11:3-4; 1 Cor 2:1-5).

Is Gospel the same as the Word?

I’ve seen them insert ‘gospel’ where ‘Word’ is in Scripture. Such as one teaching it, saying, the gospel is your food.” Scriptures say, the words of His mouth is our necessary food (Job 23:12). That would mean the entire Word as well as what has not been written. So don’t change what the Scriptures say.

The gospel is part of our armor, so it is right and good to be refreshed in it every day. Meaning, find all the different passages as you study that relate to ‘Christ and Him Crucified’ as you study with His approval as your goal. But these are the elementary principles, and somehow, they’ve confused those with the ‘strong meat’ of His Word (Heb 5:12-14).

My concern for those who get caught up in this teaching, is not just their behavior towards others, (not all are like this). But their gospel also becomes a lot less clear with their many words. They will frequently cite 1 Cor 15:1-4, and for that I say Amen. But is that all they are teaching once you get into their blogs or videos?

One hypergrace blogger (and YouTuber who frequently tapes while he drives or sits in his car), calls the gospel “the source of everything in the Christian life” (but without defining what the actual gospel is). He said on his blog, “our nourishment comes from the gospel.” Again, the Gospel of our salvation, is the good news of how to be saved from the penalty of hell. The Bible, the Word itself contains much more than that. It has historical stories of another people (Israel), poetry, prophecy, as well as instructions for how to walk in the Spirit (for the church), and much more.

But does ‘our nourishment coming from the gospel’ explain how one is saved from the penalty of hell? Or is it more religious speak? Shouldn’t we be very serious to not muddy the gospel with our own words? And are believers ‘nourished from the gospel’, or by the ‘strong meat of His Word?’ (Heb 5:12-14).

Belief in the truth gave me life. I am nourished because His Word gives me seed to sow and food to eat (Is 55:10-11). He will teach us by His Word, and His Spirit and from the teachers He gifted (which we need to be praying for).

This Spiritual Battle

We are in a spiritual battle and believers need to have their armor on — part of which is shodding our feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Which is why I’ve told people for years that I believe it’s really good to refresh themselves with the gospel frequently. While reading His Word, we should note additional passages that speak about Christ and what He did for us. In so doing, it becomes apparent that Peter and Paul preached the same gospel, (contrary to what most of them say/teach). Even communion is the remembrance of Christ and Him crucified for us (although many of them teach it is not for the church).

In today’s religious world of false gospels, we need to make sure our good news of salvation does not become encumbered with a lack of clarity, or an addition of works or specious knowledge. We don’t want to be heaping up teachers (who we have not vetted well). Do you fully know their doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering etc. (2 Tim 3:10-11)? Many of these are novices themselves.

Hypergrace followers seem to preach on the same thing over and over. Focused on a very small portion of His Word. I suppose they believe they are preaching about His grace. If so, let me encourage you to instead use His Word, let His Word work. I don’t believe we have to write an entire blog, mostly devoid of His Word, giving stories and analogies. We need whole His Counsel and need to be careful of who we listen to (Acts 20:25-32).

Why does it matter if we do not confess sin?

I do believe 1 John is clear on confessing/admitting our sin to God. It is written to believers and speaks about their fellowship (with God and others), along with their joy remaining full. I believe a lack of seeing and admitting sin in our lives, can cause people to be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Understanding and seeing the sin that Christ previously paid for is a good thing.

As Hebrews 3 (link above) shows, when we get hardened, we are no longer partaking or participating with Him, but we have departed to our own way of living. I lived that way for years to my sorrow. I was still saved and sealed until the day of redemption, but I was not in any intimate fellowship with Him. My joy certainly wasn’t full, in fact I was in fear. The word ‘fellowship’ is communion, intimacy, a joint participation. I still believed, it just wasn’t a two way street, I was not walking in the Spirit. Sin can cause us to hide from Him and on our part, we have caused an issue. We can get jaded or in fear. I sure remember those, but do remember, He is not the one who gives us a spirit of fear. And I’ve seen the hardening in some, or even a distance. Their testimony in front of others may not be good (as was the case of a few of those in some recent hypergrace conversations where railing was present).

Hypergrace view on the Book of James

The Book of James says we are to confess our sins to others in the church (individuals we’ve wronged or trust with a problem) and ask them to pray. But if hypergracers think James is false (some actually believe it should not be included in the canon), then it stands to reason they don’t feel we need to do the same with God. They simply understand James (like the Roman Catholics see it), that the justification spoken of in James is not a demonstration of faith, but justification unto salvation. So therefore it is James arguing against Paul teaching that we are saved by grace, not works (still false if that were the truth of James epistle). Similar argument to Martin Luther.

As mentioned, some of their disgraceful behavior I witnessed recently is what Paul would call railing/verbally abusive (although he said he was just ‘name calling like Jesus’). This man was consistently calling others unsaved, witches, Godless, child of demons etc., simply based on having a different understanding of types of sanctification.

One of their proof texts is 1 Corinthians 1:30 (more on those later). They use this to say there is only one kind of sanctification, and it is ‘not a thing but the person of Jesus Christ.’ Positionally, yes. He became those things for us, yet He still prayed for believers to be sanctified by His truth (John 17:17). So which is it? Or is there more to it?

One of their taglines is that the apostles first taught hyper grace. We agree! Of course, we see His abundant grace spoken of throughout His Word. Mega Grace in fact, except, not to the extent some are taking it. Changing what I believe to be sound doctrine. And certainly not to take His abundant grace for granted

And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. John 1:16-17

Hypergrace falsely accuses others of Galatianism

We agree with them that we are not under law, yet they accuse us of living under the law. They are flat out wrong in calling others Galatianizers that are not. Some have publicly and falsely accused sound grace-based teachers like Pastor Tom Cucuzza and Ralph Yankee Arnold of ‘Galatianism’ or ‘legalism’. Knowing them both as long as I have, there is no basis or truth in what they are saying. They say Tom and Yankee teach that the book of Galatians is solely concerning justification by the law (vs. believers living by the law).

Read more about what Galatianism is on

Paul addressed both:

  1. Adding law as part of being justified.
  2. Bewitched into finishing in the flesh.

Paul spoke of the false brethren bringing another gospel (justification), an accursed gospel. In addition, he solidified the truth that no one has ever been justified by the law. Taking heed to this truth, would save the hearers who were bewitched, from in turn preaching a false works-based gospel. Paul was also clear, they were trying to put believers back under the law, to ‘finish in the flesh’. To be put back under bondage of Mount Sinai (where the ten commandments were given). We are not under the law.

Besides finishing in the flesh, two other things come to mind mentioned in Galatians — circumcision and eating with/living after the manner of the Gentiles. God intended for us to be one new man, Jew and Gentile no longer. Fellowshipping together. Those at Galatia were still trying to put separation in the church. And I believe this is what the Hypergrace movement is doing within the body of Christ.

Division in the body, leading people astray

Writing this article has been a real struggle for me for several reasons. Mainly because I have friends that I dearly love caught up in it. And it’s already caused division. I had to unfriend someone I care about a great deal about. I believe what she is promoting over and over is leading people astray and making young ones to stumble. I would have rather been able to speak to her about it, but she’s been distant (or non-existent) when I ask her questions on her page or send her a message. It’s met with silence. I don’t remember the last time she would answer me. I’m sure she believes I’m a Galatianizer. She now believes (saying we still have sin in our flesh) needs “to be contended for if people are ever going to be set free from the bondage of the law.” Oddly, the very day before she acknowledged she had sin in her flesh until she died. But when the abusive railer ‘corrected’ her, she quickly flipped to his thinking.

She also states she needs to contend against those:

“who are not rightly dividing the Word in proper context and time,

and insisting that James and Paul are saying the same thing and preaching the same gospel…To say that James is preaching justification before men not God is a false argument, because that is not what James was saying at all.”

My Comment: James was absolutely preaching a demonstration of our faith before men (justified before men, or how we behave before them). He would not have identified Abraham as being ‘justified’ (as in declared righteous) by offering up Isaac. As one knowing the Scriptures, James knew full well that was not when Abraham was declared righteous. And if they were in the ‘meat of His Word’, so should they.

My friend Jim Floyd of ‘Stand for the Faith’ says this regarding the Hypergrace movement:

These…are touting hyper-grace, anti-progressive sanctification, anti-correction from God for believers, and anti-preaching of things to do or not to do as believers. 

You can see more of his article on Galatianism here.

Some hypergrace teachers will trend towards accusing others of not being believers if they do not see it the same way(as I experienced recently). Here are some of their comments:

“If you claim that Romans 7:13-24 is your current experience, then like Paul, you have yet to be saved.”

My comment: Paul was pretty clear that his ‘current experience’ was that his mind served the law of God, but his flesh the law of sin (Rom 7:24-25).

This comment below was personal towards me for not agreeing with his doctrinal take. I was not the only one he rabidly went after as other hypergrace believers stood by and said nothing. One young one was made to stumble by his abusive words. Calling people perverts and children of demons (he loved using Paul’s words to Elymas the sorcerer in Acts 13). He just forgot to strike us blind.

“Your words testify that you are a manipulative witch, who doesn’t know Jesus and is just here to malign God’s word and deceive others.”

Hypergrace vs. Grace-Based beliefs

The list below will explain some of the issues I see with their teachings. We may find agreement with them on some points although they do come to different conclusions on even those.

  • We believe that all sins were forgiven; past, present, and future (Col 1:13-15). The difference is that grace-based believers see that forgiveness from the penalty of sins (eternal death) as our Position in Christ. Positionally we are washed, sanctified and justified (1 Cor 6:11). But our reality shows us that we still sin. It’s sort of like being seated in the heavenlies. We know we are not physically there, but positionally we are. When we sin, there are still earthly consequences as well as loss of potential rewards. They do not agree. More on that later.
  • We live by His Grace which teaches us > how to live. We also believe that we cannot accomplish the things we are exhorted to do except by His Grace and by His strength, not our own. That same Grace is what teaches us how to deny certain things and to live a certain way (Titus 2:11-12). We learn by His Word and also by taking heed to it (Ps 119:9-11), hiding it in our heart to keep us from sinning. We do have a part in cooperating, and it starts by abiding in the Vine and feeding ourselves with our Necessary food (His Word – Job 23:12; John 8:31-32).
  • We are not under the law. We also believe it is very important not to think we finish in the flesh that which began with the Spirit (Gal 3:1-3). Contrary to what they accuse us of, we are not lawkeepers, Galatianizers, nor are we encouraging anyone to go back under the law. It’s His love that compels us regarding how to live.

For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again. 2 Cor 5:14-15

I’m sure they have some other things in common with us. And I realize not all in the hypergrace movement believe all of these things below. However, one very disturbing thing I have experienced is a real lack of grace from these who adhere to these teachings. A very accusatory manner towards any who disagree. And a focus over and over on the same thing. Their one pet doctrine they seem stuck on and post consistently. This is not the whole counsel of God. None of us should be doing this, we need balance.

Hypergrace wrongly accuses us of:

“fruit inspecting others by their works.”

Orcompelling people to live under the law.”

They say “we view ourselves and others in light of the law.”

That “we are judging according to the flesh.”

They add, “do not allow anyone to bewitch you or anyone else, into becoming ‘sin conscious’ by serving the law, rather than fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and ‘Perfecter’ of faith.”

All their accusations about what we believe or teach are simply untrue. I don’t know who they speak of, but that is not me or the cult they accused us of belonging to.

Their last comment on Hebrews 12 shows the issue with proof texting. The verse before, Heb 12:2 says clearly:

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us (Heb 11:1).

We always are going to have some sin to lay aside (contrary to their teaching). And we need to also keep running the race (yes, because He gives us rewards and it pleases Him). And we are able to do these things as we keep our eyes on Him, thinking also of those witnesses who went before us and were examples of faith for us (Heb 11-12:1). We stir each other up to good works. We add to our faith (2 Pet 1:5-11) so we can have an abundant entrance into heaven. It’s what He wants for us, should we despise that? Do we not want to show our love by keeping His commandments? (not the Law, but the law of Liberty, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus – Rom 8:2).

We should do what He asks, not just being hearers but doers. God bless you who read, part 2 should come in the next day or so.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.  For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: for he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.  But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed. James 1:22-25



*Lordshippers – those who adhere to lordship doctrine, which basically means adding requirements of works to the gospel. They claim to believe in grace, but say you must do this or not do that in order to be saved (often leaving out the only requirement – to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Believing in who He is and what He accomplished to save you).

26 Responses to “Introduction to The Errors of Hypergrace

  • Thanks Holly for your continuing work on this topic. There is a lot of falsehood going around with on YouTube and Facebook. It is sad to see some being taken in by it. To be sure, they made up the “sin conscious” thing. The gospel even get twist in a hyperdispensational way with James being made to be about OT “salvation”. Ironically, OT salvation was received through faith also.

    • Jim, thanks. YouTube and Facebook are filled with all sorts of winds of doctrine. I usually ask people, ‘Have you checked their gospel?’ And almost inevitably, they have not. Yet they are listening to them, and likely without looking up Scriptures to see if this is really what God is saying.

      James was an enigma. I’ve actually seen multiple viewpoints on James from hypergracers. I remember seeing Andrew Farley’s take on it. But the two the other day?… confusing. I go more into it on part 2 and probably there will be a 3.

  • Well written and easy to follow. Thank you for posting this! I’ll be reading Part 2 when it gets published.

    • Kathy, thank you for reading. It’s hard to know if it’s easy enough to follow as I collect information over time while researching, and try to get in orderly. Did a lot of praying as I went along. Thanks for visiting. Love in Christ.

  • David J Busciglio
    2 years ago

    God bless you, sister. You spoke the truth on all points because It lines up with exactly what Scripture says. Once having trusted solely, wholly and ONLY in the merits of Jesus and in Him alone, the Lord has exhorted us to good works, NOT to be saved, but out of loving gratitude for His INFINITE sacrifice at Calvary, on our behalf AND yes, because He also has encouraged, compelled us to do so that we may lay up great treasure at the Bema/Judgment Seat of Christ our Savior. It simply IS our ” reasonable service ” (Rom. 12:1).

    You are also 100 % right concerning Pastors Tom Cucuzza and Ralph ” Yankee ” Arnold in defending their positions. They HAVE been slandered, wrongly accused of legalism by those who haven’t ” rightly divided “. …Again, God bless. Your articles always edify and uplift. …… David Busciglio, member, Calvary Community Church In Tampa

    • David, thanks for your encouragement. Of course we are encouraged to maintain good works (Titus 3:8), beneficial to all men. It doesn’t come by osmosis, but neither do we give ourselves the glory. I understand they have difficulty with the fruit inspectors who judge others by their works. I don’t understand how they treat rewards as if a bad thing. God loves giving us good gifts.

      These literally judged Yankee and Tom to be false, yet just with false accusations and no grounds. All they had to do was access any portion of their public sermons that they felt was ‘false’ and contrast it to Scripture, but they did not do that. But this is how these types make a name for themselves, by slandering good men with public ministries. God help them to see their slander before they harm the body further. I know Tom and Yankee are able to withstand this false accusation. I pray the enemy will not gain any ground and ask that it instead make people curious to listen to them.

      God bless you too Dave, glad you have a sound church to go to. I keep praying for these faithful pastors.

      • David J Busciglio
        2 years ago

        Amen and amen, Holly. Again, may God bless and continue to strengthen and encourage you, as we see an outpouring of rampant false doctrines and spiritual attacks in these last of the last days.

        • I know it was to young men, but I always think on Titus and Colossians. Keep sound speech that cannot be condemned, that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. And Col 4:5-6

          Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

          I may fail on my own. I may disappoint people. My desire is to not do anything to harm, but only to edify the body. I know I can offend in myself. I do not want to, so I pray always for His help there. And I pray for any misunderstandings to be cleared up for the good of His body.

          Thank you again for your encouragement.

  • kimberrly888gmailcom
    2 years ago

    what a blessing to see this…looking forward to part 2 as well!! I don’t understand those that do not recognize sin in their lives…especially as a believer, I can honestly say, the CLOSER I get to the VINE(Christ, our Messiah) the MORE I realize, like Paul, “Oh wretched (wo)man that I am”!!! It’s NOT law that I want to keep…it’s the “abiding in ‘The Fulfilled Law’…CHRIST…THE COURNERSTONE of my Faith!”

    I am so grateful He is molding me to be more like Him…my Potter!!! For I’m NOT completed yet! I have WORK to do! Not in my own strength, or to gain SALVATION(for that’s already MINE!), but to one day be at HIS FEET and know I have allowed Him to feed His sheep…to give drink, food, and clothes to the poor…to try to be all to all to win SOME to Christ….to lay those precious Crowns down and to not be ashamed that I didn’t RUN with all diligence, the race He set before me…

    I’m not what I used to be, but I’m surely NOT where I want to be in this race… may the Lord guide, direct, admonish, chastise and KEEP this stooopid sheep on the path laid before me…to HIS GLORY alone!

    I can’t WAIT to get this flesh peeled from this soul and get the NEW body NOT ladened with sin! In the meantime, I will let the WORD WORK…as it washes, cleanses and gets this flesh to a MORE sinless faith(will never be completed till my race is over! And God forbid I do the “sin unto death”!!!

    For I KNOW…those that say they are without sin are liars and the TRUTH is NOT in them! I AM a sinner saved, of the penalty of my sin, by GRACE!

    • Kimberrly, I always smile, and have joy and pleasure reading what you write. The excitement and exuberance are infectious!!

      We know sin still dwells in our body, and we know one day too, we’ll be delivered from the presence of sin, forever! Praise God for that!

      Love in Him <3

  • Thanks Holly for all your articles over the years.

    • Hi dear Rina. You know, I’ll share a story with you. I am not a writer. You may have noticed. I am very thankful for what He has done for me. Not enough, but I found myself doing this in comments over the years, and then felt more had to know. My mind goes in a million directions. I think a lot of thoughts and Scriptures at once. I understand my own thoughts, but I don’t know if others will. It really is a case of the Lord choosing the foolish and using me somehow. I appreciate people like you who just quietly go share. Love you in Christ.

  • Rachel Dalrymple
    2 years ago

    Wonderful article Holly. This is what I have come across personally on Facebook. The biggest thing for me is the fact they are saying that if you are convicted by your sins then you aren’t truly saved. You quoted the verse that says we need to lay aside the sin that besets us. How else can we do that if it weren’t for the Lord convicting us? They say we are bewitched, Ironically, I believe they are bewitched.

    • Thank you Rachel, it hasn’t been easy to write because I have friends who identify as hypergrace, but do not hold to all these beliefs. All these winds of doctrine are tiring. Lord willing part 3 will come out. Not sure yet. I have a lot written up, mainly the exhortations and instructions about sin which are there to help us. I think some of them are bewitched for sure, as we saw with our friend in common. I pray that those who are in it, might come to see the subtle errors that might cost them in their walk and in might cost others in coming to Christ.

  • I came across a few youtubers who sit in their cars and wondered if this was the same people you were talking about. Would you say David Benjamin and Gregg Jackson are hyper grace or just grace teachers? So far from my understanding they seemed alright but I’d like your thoughts!

    • Never mind I read your part two and you mentioned David. I’ll stop listening to him immediately! But I still would like to know your thoughts on Gregg. I know they comment on each-other frequently but I think they had some different views.

      • Hi Jenny, I haven’t listened to Gregg, so I can’t really say. Let me suggest this, if a person really isn’t referencing the Word and teaching it in an expository manner, it might be better to choose another. If you can’t easily find a gospel or statement of faith, that is problematic to me. Doesn’t mean anything is even wrong with them, but how can you be a Berean? Same with some of the videos, they don’t reference, and show you the Word, kind of giving you time to check to see if what they’re saying is so (Acts 17:11). This makes it easier to fall into thinking something is Biblical without knowing why.

        Just some thoughts to help you decide. I have some recommendations of people to listen to. You can find plenty of solid teachers on or my recommendations here.

  • Jim Floyd
    1 year ago

    Gregg Jackson, was also advocating what we would call hypergrace views on YouTube. He is similar to David Benjamin.

    • Thanks Jim. I knew that was very likely the case, but I haven’t listened to verify myself.

  • Wanted to mention that Gregg Jackson has a video where he gave a shout out to Yankee Arnold, promoting him so I’m thinking this guy is probably ok to watch 🙂

    • I’m not sure shout outs necessary commend, but again, be a Berean with all. I do not know if he was one of the ones later included in calling Yankee (falsely) a Galatianizer, but check all things they say next to Scripture in context. It’s good to not just listen to one style of teaching, but get a good foundation, in some book by book teaching, etc. If Jim Floyd ( has a caution on him, I would proceed by finding his statement of faith, etc.

      • Oh ya you’re right on that. There are a few things I’m not sure on that he says and have been slowly moving away from listening too much. And yeah looking for the statement of faith is good advice thank you!

  • Van Sims
    6 months ago

    Brother Gregg Jackson has been a major blessing to me through the holy spirit. He teaches the true gospel which is faith alone in Jesus alone. Repentence means change of mind.
    Jesus plus nothing else for forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Jesus has already done everything for us . We just simply need to realize that we’re a guilty sinner in need of a savior and then believe/trust in him. That’s the simplicity of the gospel. The good news. Brother Gregg believes and teaches the true gospel and that’s all that matters to me

    • Hi Van, thanks for commenting. I’m sure he has been. Peter was a blessing to many too, until he fell into his own error and hypocrisy for a short time (see Galatians 2). I agree he has the gospel right, and I agree with his definition of repentance. It doesn’t mean that we should not rebuke with the Word when someone isn’t taking heed to the doctrine. And if he is calling Pastors out for saying God does chasten His children, then we have a problem. But regardless, let’s all be Bereans, no one should be held above God’s Word, not Gregg, not me or anyone else (Acts 17:11; 1 Thess 5:21). God bless you as you seek to always be noble with all teachings.

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