The PreTribulation Rapture explained

This is a series geared towards explaining the Pre-tribulation defense of Rapture timing.

Many in the church agree that there is a rapture, but there are variances in their timing beliefs. Some are what is now known as pre-wrath (some called them Van Kampenites) or 3/4 Trib. Some others are mid-trib. Yet others are Post-trib. I’m not going to say much about Post-Trib because it just doesn’t make good eschatalogical sense.

I am pre-tribulational. The reason is contrary to what the detractors often say. It’s not because I ‘just want to escape tribulation‘. Or because ‘I believe in the tradition that was taught me‘. Nor will I ‘lose my faith‘ because of it.

They might examine why they believe they will keep theirs, vs. Him keeping us. So, I set out to share my defense (although there are much better and more thorough writings on it). This is a blog, and as always, prove all things by looking up Scripture to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11; 1 Thess 5:21). Here you can find the previous articles linked with a short synopsis.

The First Resurrection Timing

PART 1 on the Pretribulation rapture series by Holly Garcia Held

The phases and the order — some we’ve already seen in the ‘first’ resurrection. Also addressing those who were already troubling the church with scaring them thinking the ‘resurrection’ (for us the rapture) was already past.

Overview on PreWrath, a Glossary of Terms & the Day of the Lord

PART 2 on the Pretribulation rapture series by Holly Garcia Held

Deals with a basic overview of the Pre-wrath position and some of the teachers, authors and pastors who promote it. Includes a chart of Bible verses that show the difference between the first and second coming. Also contains a Glossary of End Time Terms, the Day of the Lord and other misunderstandings.

Importance of understanding the Timing of the Rapture

PART 3 on the Pretribulation rapture series

By Holly Garcia Held

This part continues the discussion on which timing is Biblical. Why we do not agree with PreWrath and a brief overview of the seals in Revelation 6

The Olivet Discourse and the PreTribulation Rapture

PART 4 on the Pretribulation rapture series

By Holly Garcia Held

A brief discussion on the Olivet Discourse (seen in Matt 24-25; Mark 13; and Luke 21) and snippets elsewhere in Scripture.

Besides the destruction of the temple, what does this sermon/discourse speak about (and who does it speak to?) — wrath or rapture or both?

The Seven Seal Judgments of Revelation 6

PART 5 on the Pretribulation rapture series

By Holly Garcia Held

The seals of Revelation 6 are covered again in this part. Are they God’s wrath, or Satan’s wrath/man’s wrath (the pre-wrath position on it)?

Pretribulation Rapture Series

Will you be Left Behind, by Thomas Cucuzza

Available in booklet form or PDF form at Can be used as an evangelism tool as it includes the gospel so people might know how to be saved.

Will children be raptured?

by Holly Garcia Held

This is an older article, which originally was sort of a group effort years ago on Facebook (and some from From it, I put together a blog on a lot of people’s different comments or Biblical thoughts and passages. In the article, there are some Bible verses, and thoughts on age of accountability to consider.

Do you know where you will go if you died today?


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