New and Renewed Redeeming Moments Website

First, I need to ask you friends to re-follow me until we get things figured out.   The follow button is to the bottom right-hand part of the screen in blue.

We’re in the process of refreshing and renewing the look and hopefully usability of the site.   When you select ‘see more’ for any article below, you can comment at the bottom of the article.

Recent comments are to the right as are archives below that.   It is still a work in progress, bear with us and pray that we do it the best we can and to and for His glory.

6 Responses to “New and Renewed Redeeming Moments Website

  • Thank you, Holly <3

  • Did it, but it does not give the option to say if I want the post to come through immediately. Not sure what that will do. Will see once you do a new post.

  • Also want to say, it is looking very nice. Glad you are able to make these changes. <3 God Bless your web designer. 🙂

    • Thanks Dori 🙂 She has me as a client bless her heart. I’m trying to figure out what I want and need so appreciate the input.

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