Every day I see people corrupting the simplicity that is in Christ. Don’t be an unwitting worker for the accuser of the brethren.


I listened to a potential new pastor the other day.  I went to find the church online.  I was instantly concerned with the byline of the church, (which is mainly because of the blurring of discipleship with the act of receiving eternal life by so many).   It said, “Experience The Discipleship Lifestyle”.    I am not at all concerned with a church making disciples of believers.  I am concerned with churches trying to make disciples of people before they believe or as the act of believing.  Many of you may not share my concern, but let me explain why to the best of my ability with all of my distractions.

rom 5-8I have to say at first I was worried when I got on their website and saw the size of the church (size always makes me think of Luke 6:26 in addition to lack of accountability sometimes, not…

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