Repentance According to Spurgeon

If you are quoting Spurgeon, please take the time to read this prayerfully.

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  • Holly, as a new believer coming out of the error of Lordship “salvation” a few years ago, I was really confused by so-called grace sites and ministries that would favorably quote Spurgeon.

    Many people have done a quickreview of some Spurgeon quotes that seem to be grace-oriented, and have errantly concluded that Spurgeon was a sound teacher.

    Spurgeon taught the same Calvinist/Lordship “salvation” error that MacArthur and other such modern day false teachers teach.

    Any time we knowingly give a pass to Spurgeon, Billy Graham, or any others that taught (or teach) the Lordship “salvation” error, we are failing to take a stand for the gospel. We are not putting on the FULL ARMOR of God.

    • I agree Johninnc. The worst I have seen is his ‘Turn or Burn’ sermon. Not to say there isn’t worse, but some of those comments would leave all mankind without any possible hope.

      Here is one of his quotes from that sermon:

        “O sirs, In God’s name let me tell you, it is not the giving up of one sin, nor fifty sins, which is true repentance; it is the solemn renunciation of every sin. If thou dost harbour one of those accursed vipers in thy heart, thy repentance is but a sham. If thou dost indulge in but one lust, and dost give up every other, that one lust, like one leak in a ship, will sink thy soul.”

      So, I wonder if he feared at the end, if perhaps he had maybe harbored just one…. if he had indulged but just ONE lust. Of course he did, so by his preaching, his soul was already sunk… done…

  • Another ‘wonderful’ (not!) Spurgeon quote.

    There must be a true and actual abandonment of sin, and a turning unto righteousness in real act and deed in every-day life. Do you say you are sorry, and repent, and yet go on from day to day, just as you always went? Will your now bow your heads, and say, “Lord, I repent,” and in a little while commit the same deeds again? If ye do, your repentance is worse than nothing, and shall but make your destruction yet more sure; for he that voweth to his Maker, and doth not pay, hath committed another sin, in that he hath attempted to deceive the Almighty, and lie against the God that made him. Repentance to be true, to be evangelical, must be a repentance which really affects our outward conduct. In the next place, repentance to be sure must be entire. “

    I suppose Spurgeon never bowed his head, turned from his sin, and then committed the same sin again (His definition of repent)?

  • Hi Holly, is there a link to the article you are referring to? All I see is “read this prayerfully” and then there is a blank space.

    I must say, I am relieved to know I am not the only one who takes issue with Spurgeon. I first learned of him from a “tract” (if it can be called that) that was just a transcript of Turn or Burn. Though I was saved at the time, it scared me to the core, and I wondered how anyone could possibly be saved under this theology. Since then, I have seen no end of praise for this man, as if he were some champion of grace. I couldn’t disagree more.

    • DJ,

      I’ll have to look, thank you for letting me know.

    • And on Turn and Burn?

      It was the worst, and if anyone thought they could be saved according to that perfection, they were deceiving themselves. It’s the story of the Emperor’s New clothes, or the politics we see today. If one says it’s great, the next does too. Or they argue he said some good things. That’s not really the point we know. The point is that he had the gospel wrong. If he ever had it right, I don’t know.

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