Seed Sowers – Book of Isaiah

is53-6ALL This is for the Seed Sower’s Bible Study on Isaiah by Holly G. This starts our Women’s online conference study on Isaiah.  We will be meeting weekly for now, sometimes we take a week off, so look for updates each week. This will be the place where the recordings and the Pdf notes can be found.

Two warnings I have been notified of, that I want you all to be aware of.  On the Intro to Isaiah notes, (because I cited and used some of Mark Copeland’s executable outlines), I was thankfully informed that he is a Church of Christ Pastor (which I had no idea — shame on me for not checking my sources first).  

Here is the exact warning: “Mark Copeland is a Church of Christ Evangelist. As you know, the Church of Christ preaches a very false gospel (5 points to be saved). He is on staff at Fortune Road Church of Christ in Kissimmee , FL. He is a graduate of Florida College, which is also Church of Christ.”

This same person warned me of Liberty, So as I always say, ‘prove all things’, even and especially me 🙂  I can miss myself in forewarning, although I never intend to, we can all fail.  When informed though, I do always want to make it publicly right, so never be afraid to let me know.  I don’t know much about Liberty (completely load-ship he said), but should have known better.  Their quotes are Bible verses in the notes, and so if something is not right there in the portion I used, please me know.  I didn’t catch anything, but please do let me know.

I hope I delineated well which portions were theirs.  Later I will remove them and re-do the notes.    I warn of the things I have learned and know about, there is so much to know out there, that I do not know.  And the more I study His Word I think it reminds me of how much more I need to learn.  Thank you all, and with all the notes, PLEASE, always let me know.  Love in Christ, (and thank you to the one who let me know).

Intro to Isaiah

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PDF NOTES: Isaiah introduction

ISAIAH 1 and 2

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PDF Notes: isaiah1-2


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PDF Notes: Isaiah 3-6


ISAIAH 7-9:5

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PDF Notes: Isaiah 7 – 9 vs. 5

ISAIAH 9:6-11

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PDF Notes:  Isaiah 9 vs. 6-11

ISAIAH 12 – 17

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PDF Notes:  Isaiah 12 – 17

4 Responses to “Seed Sowers – Book of Isaiah

  • Sean Budde
    9 years ago

    Beautiful voice.

    • Now THAT made me laugh. Thank you… You know how it is when you hear your own voice on a taped message? It doesn’t sound like you? That’s what it is for me to re-listen to myself. By the way, I had accidentally grabbed a John recording, it is now fixed to Introduction to Isaiah.

      • Sean Budde
        9 years ago

        LOL Actually, i did record my voice just recently and thought i kinda sounded like Julia Child. LOLOL Here’s a link to my recording at YouTube where i talk about John 12:47, 48. I was thinking i might redo it and just just make the points off the top of my head rather than read my study. But i guess it came out good enough…i think. LOL Here’s the link to hear what i sound like:

        • Sean – must be how we hear our own voices. You can’t go too wrong with Scripture, I agree that world means world in those passages.

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