Sorry, Lordship Salvationists And Charles Ryrie, The Terms of Eternal Life Are Neither Debatable Nor Negotiable

This may be upsetting to some to know this about Charles Ryrie, and while we certainly pray he has renounced this, it is important to know where error is in any person’s teaching.

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  • Thanks Holly,

    So few solid Grace folks know or care about this grave error from an icon of “grace.” Thanks for publishing it so folks can be warned. It is a shame and tragedy.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

    • Thank you for taking the time to point out the error Jack. Some do not want to hear. Some just will not hear. I appreciate your boldness to speak, for it is a big enough error to be problematic to the gospel of grace. Like I said, I pray this was error he made back with his first publishing of the study Bible and maybe somewhere along the line he’s rectified it. I will certainly share if so. But if I had made the error, I would want it to be very public that I retracted my former teaching.

      • Holly,

        Yes, if there is error, retract and delete. When Bruce and John came on to ExP I asked them to scour some 200 posts for error or suggest changes,, They did,. but thankfully I had no major error as far back as January 2006.

        BTW your web site is much more readable now,.. No background is better for my eyes.. Not sure about everyone else. though.

        Al;so I finally found how to subscribe.

        Keep contending!!

        In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

        • Thank you for letting me know Jack, and I want to hear any time, and I ask my friends to do the same for me. I am so glad it is more readable, that was my intent, although it didn’t let me see the final product for some reason.

          Thank you for subscribing, and for your encouragement. I had quite a dream last night of the Great White Throne Judgment, my unsaved friends and family, the obliviousness in their blinding, the fear for them, for what they face, the tears, the desire that I will see the urgency each and every day. The anger towards those who would corrupt the one thing that God has provided with power to save the lost. Their complacency, their lack of fear and trembling, their pride, their angst, their outright wrath if you cross them. It doesn’t matter, may I convince them of this urgency, may be for their very own souls.

          The world conspires with the enemy to lead others to death, but the professing church is a close second, and it could seem like a losing battle if not for the One who is with us. If not for the armor we wear. Having done all, we will stand. I pray for eyes to be opened today, to the glorious gospel of His grace.

    • Hi Holly,
      I’ve been listening to Dr Cucuzza’s sermons and he mentions Ryrie quite a bit maybe he can shed some light as to whether or not this was retracted, just a thought.

      Eternally his, Lisa

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