If you have read Parts 1-3, I’d suggesting starting there. If you’d like a look at John MacArthur’s false teaching on repentance and faith, you can see part of his book reviewed “The gospel According to Jesus”.

Stand For the Faith

So far we have considered some of John MacArthur’s beliefs and two examples of how these beliefs play out concerning the story of Nicodemus and the story of the woman at the well.  Now I want to wrap up this series with an examination of MacArthur’s teaching on repentance. This is a crucial issue and one in which many people stumble. People may see that Lordship salvation is an extreme, that Calvinism is an extreme, and that the gospel call does not equal the call to discipleship but far too many still stumble over repentance. Stumbling over the idea of repentance can lead to a false gospel. I firmly believe that if more people understood this that there would be more separation between groups that advocate one side or the other.

So what exactly does MacArthur say about repentance and faith?

“Repentance is a critical element of conversion, but do…

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