Latest on Paul Washer: Paul Washer Again Proclaims a Lordship "Salvation" Message and Worse.

There are many good comments underneath this message from some respected teachers, when you have time, please read.

4 Responses to “Latest on Paul Washer: Paul Washer Again Proclaims a Lordship "Salvation" Message and Worse.

  • Holly,

    Thanks for posting this — We need to get the word out on all of these false teachers, especially those who are so tricky as Washer.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

    • Jack, Paul Washer is tricky and condemning, and not only undermines assurance as he uses the false prophets passage in Matt 7 to point fingers at believers, but those who have not yet believed, the gospel he preaches will not saved. I thank God that from time to time he uses John 3:16 and the Word will work even though Washer will follow it up with, “Yea hath God said”? (Is that what that really means?)

      • “Yea hath God said” is a quote from Satan as he tempted Eve. (Genesis 3:1)

        So I suppose Washer is tempting his hearers in the same way by questioning God’s Word.. ??

        Don’t really know except that Washer, by his message, is accursed. Galatians 1:8-9

        In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  • It’s the way I see it Jack. They say things like:

      How do you know you are REALLY saved?
      How do you BECOME saved?
      How do you STAY saved?
      Are you SURE you are saved?
      Did you REALLY believe?

    It goes on exponentially when these men use wisdom of their own words. Eternal life is not eternal. Believing is not REAL belief unless you prove it. (No exact formula, as it changes over time with Washer)

    Even his poor wife after 12 years finally figured out she was NOT saved by listening to her husband’s condemning sermons. Her testimony is ambiguous at best, but extremely sad to see how if she was saved, he has successfully aided the enemy in accusing the brethren and undermining her assurance.

    I agree completely with you on his message being accursed. I do not know Paul Washer’s heart, but I know the tactics of the enemy and whether Washer is a willing accomplice, that is not my place to say.

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