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So many voices of condemnation in the professing church. But this is not what the Word of God teaches. Want to refresh yourself on eternal security? Read my friend’s post… it is a breath of fresh air!

Stand For the Faith

So often I come across people either trying to be saved by Christ plus their own works or believers that are saved that are still drawn back to the law. Here are some verses on the security of the believer in Christ and the basis of our salvation.  It is impossible to stand for the faith if you are not sure that you are saved because salvation in Christ is your foundation. Please also feel free to mention other verses or passages that support eternal security or non-works salvation as this list is not exhaustive.  I feel it beneficial to consider these verses because they are key for us to grow in maturity in the Lord, in grace, and in our faith.  Living the Christian life can be full of joy and blessings if you are not living in fear that you may lose your salvation. Likewise it is

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