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Notes From A Retired Preacher


I appreciate this quote excerpt from a wonderful Blog friend. It is priceless… I have taken the liberty to emphasize some words and phrases.

Excerpt from Major Ian Thomas’ book “Mystery of Godliness”:


By: Major W. Ian Thomas

Never allow anyone to deceive you into believing that God has placed an arbitrary limitation upon the efficacy of the blood of Christ, or that there are those who cannot repent [change their mind], even if they would, simply because God has deliberately placed them outside the scope of His redemptive purpose! This blasphemes the grace, the love and the integrity of God, and makes Him morally responsible for the unbelief of the unbeliever, for the impenitence of the impenitent, and saddles Him squarely with the guilt of the guilty as an aider and abettor of their sin.

Such is not the teaching of the Bible, for…

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