Beware of the "Jesus Died Spiritually" Heresy

Beware of the “Jesus Died Spiritually” Heresy.

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  • David said, when his little baby died: “He cannot come to me, but I shall go to him.” And David knew where he was going; David knew he was going to heaven — he knew that. There wasn’t any question in his mind about that. So when he said, “I shall go to him,” in those words was the anticipation and the joyful hope of reunion.

    Now, some people have said, Well, all he meant was, ‘I am going to be buried next to him.’ There wouldn’t be any reason to say, “He can’t come to me, but, oh I’m so glad I am going to be buried next to him!” There would be no joy in that; that wouldn’t satisfy anything. So I think at that point, he was expressing the confidence that he was going to heaven; he knew that was where he would find his son, who had died before the age of accountability.”

    God be with you, Dan

    • Thank you Dan, for some reason, many comments have gone into spam and the words a little mixed up, I hope this reflects what you said. In Christ, Holly

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