Free Grace Theology and “Easy Believism”: Free Grace Does Not Equal Easy Believism

I watched this video too by John MacArthur. A Q&A session found on his site. I highly recommend you listen first to the video and challenge your “testing of the spirits” and “proving all things”, see if you pick up where his answers do not line up with God’s Word. Then read this blog…

3 Responses to “Free Grace Theology and “Easy Believism”: Free Grace Does Not Equal Easy Believism

  • For the love of God, keep writing these arctlies.

  • Its very easy to believe that Jesus eternally forgives those who placed their faith in his blood sacrifice and resurrection for eternal forgiveness of sins. Lordship Salvationists don’t believe this, as they mix the free gift with the service of the believer.. Lordship Salvation, serves a false god that is likened to Santa/Satan Clause, who takes back the gift from the child if the child was bad/naughty, which means the present was never a gift in the first place..Satan has been hard at work, programing us since we were little children, perverting the true meaning of a gift, making it difficult to believe in Gods amazing free gift of eternal life. Its very hard to believe the gospel if you believe you have to earn it, because its impossible to enter heaven this way..

    • Sorry I missed your post David, it ended up in the spam file (which I only check every few days or so).

      I wish people would understand that the Lord has made one way. And many will try to climb up another way. Praying for more to see. Thank you for commenting.

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