More on those who share in their evil deeds. How do you respond?

How Do You Respond?

Posted on August 9, 2012 by reformednazarene

Scripture teaches over and over that we are to separate from error.  We are told to “have nothing with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Eph. 5:11).  2 Cor. 6:14 says to not be yoked together with unbelievers.

I am continually amazed, but also not surprised, at the fast pace of compromise in the Christian world, year after year.  We are watching once solid leaders ignoring biblical principles of separation as they turn to hold hands with almost anyone who declares themselves Christian, in spite of clear evidence of apostate behavior.  As Ken Silva points out in his recent article (David Barton Controversy), one leader after another is becoming involved in various joint ventures to unite all “Christians” with the goal of making the world a better place.

The latest compromise is the Under God Indivisible Leadership Conference.  It was held on July 27 and was described as “people of faith across the nation come together to call on God for the next Great Awakening.”  In Pastor Ken’s article excerpt below, you will see what I mean by the compromise that has happened with such prominent and supposedly solid Christian leaders such as Ravi Zacharias, David Jeremiah, and Franklin Graham.

Concern #1: The Leaders Who Compromise

Ravi Zacharias has shown signs of compromise in the past, so it is not the first.  I was first taken aback when Ravi shared the stage with leaders of the Mormon church at their conference, and never once made it clear that that the Jesus of Mormonism is not the same Jesus of true Christianity.  Then there was the time where he made a reference to Henri Nouwen as “one of the greatest saints of recent memory.”  (video, at 5:45).
Nouwen was a Roman Catholic monk who blended Eastern mysticism with Christianity.  Ravi also spoke at New Age heretic Robert Schuller’s ReThink conference.  How hard has Ravi fallen down?  And how much more compromise will he make in the direction of apostasy?

David Jeremiah is another who has made a terrible mistake by joining hands with this group.  Jeremiah already has compromised in the past.  He wrote a great book that exposed the New Age, but now he himself is promoting contemplative mysticism.  Then there are well known evangelicals like Tony Evans, James Robison, and David Barton.  They all decided to join the bandwagon of this ecumenical movement alongside false teachers such as John Hagee, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and also with Roman Catholic leaders such as Jonathan Morris and Robert Sirico.  The lineup also included prominent political commentator Glenn Beck, a Mormon who is fast becoming accepted as a fellow “Christian” by evangelical Christians.  Why is this happening, and why are they sharing the stage with Beck?

There are many others.  The full lineup of speakers who compromised that evening is listed at the end, and you can listen to each of them here.  Although the video is nearly three hours long, you will be able to jump any section to listen to a specific speaker.

Concern #2: Christians Who Do Not Like It When Their “Favorites” Are Called Out

From time to time, I get a disapproving email from someone when I mention a favorite of theirs who has compromised the Gospel.  I have been criticized for mentioning such popular folks as Beth Moore, for instance, who has been shown to not only be biblically unsound, but who is favorably promoting contemplative spirituality.  I’ve been told not to “go there”  as I continue my investigation of popular evangelist Dan Bohi and some of his teachings and associations, which I will be reporting on soon.  As I bring to light information on what he is preaching, and what he is claiming to have done, and who he associates with- I wonder, what will you say?

I have no doubt… in fact I am certain to lose some friends after that comes out.
Yet, as Christians we are not to show favoritism towards any teacher or preacher if they start to teach anything that is contrary to God’s word.  We should not overlook someone’s error and give them a free pass if it contradicts Holy Scripture.  No one is above scrutiny except the One who is above scrutiny.

Most of you would in principle agree with what I just said, but in practice, some of you fail at following this principle when your own “ox is being gored.”  In other words, it depends on whether the criticism of that teacher goes against your own interests or not.  This is dangerous territory, and is an indication of clouded judgment at best, and worse, an indication that you are experiencing deception that could continue to get worse and worse for you.  What in the world is going on, when so many of these “great” leaders are continuing to fall by the wayside, and at the same time, so many of you cannot see the obvious right in front of your noses?

I shudder to think how much worse it will get, but I believe it is going to get much worse.  We are seeing signs all around of a widening apostasy, and it seems the true Christian church will be comprised of small groups scattered around the world, while the majority of “Christians” will become part of a worldwide unity of false Christians and other religions under the leadership of the Anti-Christ.  There are certainly no indications in Scripture that the end times will bring a great revival in the church, as so many are saying will happen.  Rather, Scripture clearly tells is that many will fall away from the truth, and the love of many will grow cold.

Beware of making idols of your favorite preacher, teacher or pastor.  It could come back to bite you very hard, and in turn could cause damage to those closest to you.

Manny Silva


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