German Airbus Crash and the Gospel


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Hat Ihnen schon jemand anhand der Bibel erklärt, wie Sie sicher sein können, dass Sie nach Ihrem Tod in den Himmel kommen?

 Gospel booklet – German

Redeeming a Tragedy…

heb 9-27In this terrible tragedy of the German Air Bus, we have claims the pilot was a Muslim, others say he was just suicidal.   German newspapers are reporting that Germany is said to have had it’s first 9-11.   As the news of yet another flight in Halifax, Air Canada flashes across the screen on FB, people wonder what is happening in this world, and wait to see if something else will happen of a similar vein.

These are terribly sad events, a symptom of the sin of man, the rebellion towards God.  The rejection of the One Way God gave man to come to Him.  Things are not going to get better.

A German news website claims Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim convert. reported:

According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.

Translation from German:

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of “radical”, ie. devout Muslims , or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder. As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he – as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York – received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque.

When I posted this on Facebook, I was blocked from posting it.  It had the warning seen below, someone reported it as being Abusive.  

(Please pray for the Muslims of all different walks of life.  Whether this man did what he did because he was a radical, not sure we’ll know, but we know God wants us to love all, pray for all, bless our enemies).

german airbus article blocked1

What do you want? What is our purpose?

People watch t.v. or movies, some enjoy the intrigue and adventure, others hope for love when they watch a love story, wish for a long and happy life.  Dream of nice homes, jobs, stability, good kids, and maybe other things that will give them happiness.  Some desire far more than just what seems to be the simple things of life.  A happy ending let’s say…

But the Bible tells us a story that people have ignored for far too long.  None of us are promised tomorrow, we just hope it won’t be us who dies, or that the siren isn’t coming for our loved one and never bringing them back.  But that’s the least of our concerns really in the big picture.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?  Mark 8:36-37

Many have ignored there is a God and go about their lives confident they will wake up tomorrow, and everything will be just wonderful.  Maybe they have a great love, or are planning a wonderful trip.  Maybe they don’t know it could cut short in a moment, things could change.  Or others are so unhappy, they don’t care if they have a tomorrow.  Life has become hard, sad, empty, overwhelming, and they can’t think of making it another day.    Either way or in between, all will face a certain eternity. There are two eternal places everyone will go, and one is not the grave of nothingness, sleep or peace.

It is Heaven or Hell, and both are permanent.

The God of the Universe, is not just some impersonal ‘being’, or something we have ‘in us’ as new-agers would have us believe.   The Divine in us, as the God of Oprah’s making, via religious people’s understanding like Eckhart Tolle or mystical Roman Catholic Roma Downey.   Jesus could not tolerate the religious (or the new phrase), ‘spiritual people’.  Religion will never be the way to the Father.

God is personal, and He loves us.  He does hate sin, but He loves us. He created theJohn 14-6 heavens and the earth and everything in it, including you and has given us a choice to accept or reject Him.  I imagine the people on that Airbus may have come to think on Him when they heard the pilot begin frantically banging on the door of the plane.  I pray there were several that believed the good news that God so loved the whole world, that He sent His Son Jesus that whosoever will believe on Him, will not die in hell (perish), they will be given eternal life with the Father.  Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father.   I hope that they believed upon Him as their Savior.  That they heard and believed that He died for their sins, and came to life again, so that they too will rise again.  If so, they are with Him now.

The Muslim pilot – we cannot know what he was thinking, but he was certainly believing in the wrong god to save him, and if so, is awaiting in torment for his fate to be decided at the Great White Throne, there is no second chance for any religion.

Gospel booklet – Arabic

Roman Catholics, know the same thing, there are no second chances, no purgatory. Jesus Christ died once for ALL.  His one time sacrifice paid for ALL sins and we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all… (see Heb 10:10,14)   Your religion cannot save you in that moment, you will cry Lord, Lord, but your wonderful works will not justify you before a Holy and Almighty God (Matt 7:21-23).

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.  James 1:18

But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness.  Romans 4:5

Everything good is from the Father.  God only gives good things.  Everything that gives us joy, love, peace, happiness, contentment.  Think on the things we have in this world that are good, the people who are kind to us, the ones we love, and then think on the things that are mean, dark, evil, terrifying, frightening, painful.  That is separation from everything good that is from above, and that is where everyone will go that has rejected Jesus Christ as their Savior.  He is God, (Jehovah’s witnesses) see my article here, and there is a hell.

Baptism won’t save you Church of Christ, and Mass and the Eucharist will not forgive your sins Roman Catholics.

And Muslims…?  Allah  does not love you.  The God of the Bible loves you and sent His Son to die for you.

We are all sinners in God’s sight.  And yet we think of degrees of sin being acceptable somehow, we are pretty good people — but not one bad thing, not one sin is good nor acceptable in His sight.  So trying to be good won’t work in God’s eyes. The Bible tells us the wages of sin is death, if you have ever told just one lie, you cannot enter heaven.    

This is not difficult if you really want to know.  Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He is God come in the flesh — God among us.  He is Creator, He is Eternal, He is THE Prophet that Moses told Israel that they had BETTER listen to, or He would require it of them (Deut 18).  He told the religious people, ‘destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up’ (John 2:19-21), He spoke of his body.  He told those same religious people (Vipers) that no one took His life from Him, that He laid it down and had the power to take it back up again (John 10:18).  Why? Because He is God.  Only God can give life.  He gave His life willingly in great love for you.

So what is there left to do?

john19-30Jesus bore ALL of our sins on the cross, as the Scriptures foretold He would (Isaiah 53 is one). If you look up to the top of this page, I have an article on just the prophecies of the crucifixions of Jesus alone.

There is not much time for some of us, it could be now, tonight, tomorrow…  Jesus took all of our sins upon Him at the cross and paid the penalty in full (tetelestai in Greek). It was completely finished, accomplished at the cross.  He suffered, bled and died for us.  Treated with cruelty and shame in our place, He humbled Himself on the cross.  He paid for all our sins, past, present and future — our sins were washed in His blood and all forgiven (Col 2:13; Rev 1:5).

He rose again in three days as the Scriptures said He would, and this was witnessed by many.  He did it for you.  He knew every sin you would ever commit.  From small to big, and even more than you, He knows the sins you will STILL commit, and He forgave you.  Will you believe upon Jesus Christ as your Savior?  As the only way to be saved?  If you have believed, you can KNOW you have eternal life NOW, presently, and FOREVER (see 1 John 5:9-13).
rom 8-1
If you’d like to know more, post, or click on the gospel link above.  I’ll try to add more tomorrow.  I saw some of you from Germany reading so wanted to do a quick article for you.  I’m praying for you, and for those of you who are not saved.  Now is the day of salvation!

Pray for the families who lost loved ones.


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